Inter Milan Wins Champions League 2010

BY Adeola Aderounmu

Inter Milan 2: Bayern Munich 0

Inter Milan are Champions of Europe. D. Milito scored the first goal in the 35th minutes and sealed the game 35 minutes later, that is the 70th minute with a wonderful strike after receiving a wonderful pass from Samuel Eto’o.

Inter didn’t care much about the possession. They got only about 30% of it. Bayern Munich should have known better than making all those unnecessary short passes that led to nowhere. Football is not about number of passes or percentage of possession. You have to find the net. With 30% possession Inter Milan found the back of the net twice.

Two moments of magic and two moments of excellent strikes. Milito is not the one who scores 2 goals out of two chances but on the day of the final, that’s what he did. Two chances, two goals!

Mourinho is the greatest coach alive. He is definitely the special one.

Congratulations Inter Milan, Congratulations Italy!

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