Nigerians Abroad-The Shame We Bear

Adeola Aderounmu

It is quite difficult to explain to the people we meet in Europe, America and elsewhere that Nigerians are decent people.

The recent madness and genocide in Jos gives us a huge burden that is too much for us to bear or carry. True we don’t own anyone any explanation. But it is still shameful and disgraceful to associate with a country where children and women are slaughtered like animals.

The Killings in Jos add to the shame of the Nigerian suicide bomber that we were yet to get over.

Nigeria is gradually overtaking Somalia as one of the worst places on earth. That is an unbearable burden if you live in the US or Europe.

You go to work everyday and you meet people who start to look at you against the backdrop of what is happening in Jos. They might be thinking: could he/ she possibly have such a tendency-to kill or maim?

I’m wondering how many Nigerians have been placed on unofficial watchlist at their various workplace worldwide.

I have spoken to many Nigerians abroad and we share the same feeling of shame. It appears that we carry the cross for the madness of the handful of idiots who have perpetrated genocide and massacre in Jos.

Some of us have to explain to our colleagues that Abdulmuttalab was a Nigerian abberation. A typical Nigerian youth from a wealthy home (whether the wealth is stolen or not is irrelevant here) will always try to impress it on others that he is from a rich family. He drives the best car, uses the best of everything and at Muttalab’s age, he picks the best girl-the most beautiful even if her brain is empty.

We have not even finished explaining how stupid Muttalab was when the genocide in Jos escalated. What explanations are we going to give for this religious extremism overshadowed by economic and social reasons?

Me, I am tired o. Personally I have contemplated doing stuffs to erase my Nigerian roots but I haven’t found the courage to denounce my origin. Yea, I finally find the courage to write about it today. It might mean the beginning of greater decisions.

Apart from these stupid events, I still cannot also find the similarities between myself and all the thieves who have looted Nigeria’s monies since 1960. To this day I don’t see a single similarity between myself and all the useless senators and legislators scattered across Nigeria.

Mr Jonathan is trying to employ new ministers and already there are indications that for every minister nominated the Nigerian Lawmakers will receive millions of naira as (what?) kickbacks or bribe or allowance.

If they receive 1 dollar for that, they are stupid enough!!!

But they want milllions!!!

Who are these people? Eh?

Seriously Nigeria is a failed country!

I don’t know what is left of that country and where it is heading.

Sometimes I just think- well, they are mad people and so they don’t even think about what they are doing or saying.

We are 140-150m, over 90m living in poverty. There are millions of Nigerians who are short-changed daily by these evil administrators-looting, stealing and just sharing money.

What happened to governance?

I am short of words these days…Something needs to be done otherwise this collective shame will not stop.

How long will the rest of us bear the pain and shame of these few people destroying Nigeria? Just how long will the madness continue?

3 thoughts on “Nigerians Abroad-The Shame We Bear

  1. You should stop blaming the leaders. A people get the type of leadership they deserve. we Nigerians are general evil, rotten , deprave to the core because we embrace bad values. For example, those who steal and parade the loot are seen as successful and are highly honored with chieftain titles which to reasonable people, are worthless. That is why a family would wonder why their son in position to loot the treasury is not ‘rich’. Our moral radar is seriously damaged and is malfunctioning. And so dishonorable behaviours are hailed as enviable, honesty is sacrificed at the altar of greed and avarice and the jungle justice rules.


  2. Three cheers for Ola!!!

    At last someone else who recognises that the rot is not limited to the rulers. It exists throughout society, be it north or south, east or west. Until this is addressed, we will continue to see new and corrupt leaders (at all levels of government), dragging the country downwards.

    There is no reason to ask why the country is as it is, the answer is the people, pure and simple. People will have to face their own personal responsibilities and act properly rather than be hypocritical.

    Political office will need to be cleansed, and scrupulously guarded against unworthy aspirants. That way we will get a better quality person in political office, that is simple common-sense.


  3. I totally agree with you that Nigeria is a failed state.. The essence of government is for the collective happiness of all. So, now that there is a totally collapse and absence of government in Nigeria, how then do you claim that Nigeria is a state..!!..


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