Jos-Nigeria, a lawless state

Adeola Aderounmu

Jos has now become the death valley. Jos the capital of Plateau State in mid-Nigeria is now notorious for religious attacks, counter attacks and revenge.

What a sad situation!

Jos is supposed to be one of the most attractive tourist attraction centres in Nigeria, but see what religion has done to Jos. What a shame!

Jos has a climate that is superb and it’s one of the places I would have loved to visit but I dare not. I am disappointed, not in Jos really, but in Nigeria. The country is a completely failed state. Lacking in democracy and genuine leadership, the problems of the states is actually a reflection of the stupidity of the rulers. Not to fail to mention the absurd resiliency of the masses. These two abnormalities have now melted Nigeria into a jungle country.

The other day we read about, and saw horrible pictures of innocent people murdered and dissected by armed robbers. No greater insanity. Time after time, Jos and other places continue to erupt into violence and “small” wars.

There are problems upon problems in Nigeria but the politicians and conquerors of Nigeria are busy stealing, looting, talking nonsense in the house of assembly, sharing money and allowances across the various arms of government-monies that end up in private account and overseas. This country is a failed country! I’m so convinced.

No credible elections, no electoral reforms, no legal president, useless anticorruption war and all sorts of stupid things going on daily.

The one who is the acting president is still romancing the same people who stole, looted and destroy the country. He is one of them.

The Jos issue is not a local issue. It is a reflection of the lack of democracy and failure of the system. We have no defined system and the country is built on very useless people instead of strong institutions and good principles of governance.

I am not just crying for Jos, I am also crying for Nigeria.

5 thoughts on “Jos-Nigeria, a lawless state

  1. You are always separating the elite from the masses. At one time or another the elite emerged from the masses. So you can’t really separate them. (Many members of the masses are striving to join the elite).

    The failure of Nigeria and Nigerians as a people collectively has to be shared all round.

    You can’t excuse yourself by saying you are not a member of the elite. Do the elite not have family members, and rest assured they are part of the masses also.

    Nigerians will have to look at themselves as a society and question why they have systematically over 50 years done nothing to arrest the slide into oblivion and hopelessness? Why is it when the get a sniff of power, they do all the wrong things? The fact is that most of society is corrupt, as such corrupt practices are condoned, in some cases celebrated witness Alamieseyegha’s escape from England and his reception in Bayelsa state.

    That is the key question, avoiding that will see the continuation of the current decline.

    Evasiveness on the part of Nigerians will achieve nothing but disaster. It’s as simple as that, you only have to look at Plateau state as one example of that.


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  3. While I respect the commenters point in trying to bring accountability by saying there should be no separation between the elite and the rest of the Nigerian populace, I have to point out some facts.

    About 70 million young Nigerians (youth and below) are under-educated and lack access to basic mechanisms of advancement. This would be a challenge just by itself if there were not a 47 year old oil-funded cartel masquerading as a government stealing the possibility of individual hope from those already disadvantaged.

    The idea that the ethical compromise I make in my office as an Oga is directly connected to the armed robbers who attack my family members is something that needs to be acknowledged more commonly in the corridors of power.

    When that happens, I expect we will see some improvement in Nigerian leadership if only for self-preservation sake – in hell, everybody burns.


  4. If Nigeria will be better, lets start from our home, many home has faialed, and if a family failed, the society has failed. let the fathers and the mothers laid down good examples for the children to follow.

    Let the police force be PRAYED for because they have failed Nigeria
    Let men and women in Nigeria stop celebrating someone who you never know he or she made wealth. Nigerians should stop worshiping money but let us worship sincerity, accountability, truth, transperancy, decipline, law abiding inviduals.


  5. Nigeria should not be united in crimes, rather in peace, progress & prosperity of the nation. “ONE PEOPLE GREAT NATION”!


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