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2020 Nigeria: Confined In Corruption And Poverty

Nigeria must be dismantled, totally. Nigeria must end for the nations entrapped within it to emerge and begin afresh. It is only competition between the different regions or nations within Nigeria that can reduce corruption and eradicate poverty 2020 Nigeria: Confined In Corruption And… Continue Reading “2020 Nigeria: Confined In Corruption And Poverty”

Criminalities in the Nigerian Government

By Adeola Aderounmu This topic relating to criminality in the Nigerian government continues to be of interest to me with each passing day since I wrote that article in the Nigerian Guardian in 2002 titled “Why Politicians Steal”. I think Nigerians continue to chase… Continue Reading “Criminalities in the Nigerian Government”

Jos-Nigeria, a lawless state

Adeola Aderounmu Jos has now become the death valley. Jos the capital of Plateau State in mid-Nigeria is now notorious for religious attacks, counter attacks and revenge. What a sad situation! Jos is supposed to be one of the most attractive tourist attraction centres… Continue Reading “Jos-Nigeria, a lawless state”

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