2020 Nigeria: Confined In Corruption And Poverty

Nigeria must be dismantled, totally. Nigeria must end for the nations entrapped within it to emerge and begin afresh. It is only competition between the different regions or nations within Nigeria that can reduce corruption and eradicate poverty

2020 Nigeria: Confined In Corruption And Poverty

Adeola Aderounmu

This is the 27th day of July, 2020 and Nigeria as it stands is still being ruled by hardcore criminals and gangsters spread across 2 criminal organisations called APC and PDP.

The central government is headed by APC headed by a criminal called Muhammadu Buhari.

For those who are not used to the useless form of democracy in Nigeria, a quick recap is that Nigeria left military rule in 1999 and civilians took over. From 1999 to 2015, a criminal organisation called PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) led the Nigerian government and what followed was massive corruption as usual and extreme spread of poverty and hopelessness. In 2015, Nigerians thought a change had come and voted for another criminal organisation called APC (All Progressive Congress).

(Note: for details of Nigeria´s political history, please look elsewhere).

In this month of  July alone, the entire world has been watching the drama unfolding in one of the several corrupt government institutions in Nigeria, the NDDC. I am not able to provide the details of what has transpired, sadly.

My take is that the problem is not just the NDDC. Everything about governance in Nigeria is wrong and crazy.

The NDDC has always been corrupt. The NDDC will always be corrupt. Check out NNPC too. Check out INEC, NEPA, the National Assembly, the Legislative arm, the Judiciary, the states and the governors, the Executives (presidency and ministers), state commissioners and everywhere and everything about government in Nigeria. What you see is different aggregation of criminals and criminal minds in public offices.

Corruption is not limited to public institutions in Nigeria. The private sector is also ripping Nigeria and Nigerians into pieces. You can start from the TELECOMS for a preview. They will milk poor Nigerians to starvation and deaths.

Nigeria is corruption personified. It is a country confined in a systemic culture of corruption.  For the past 2 decades, this has been my theme on my essays, articles and blog entries.

More than 30 years ago, there was an article in one of Nigeria´s newspaper raising a question about the common man in Nigeria and his survival based on his meagre wage. The writer concluded that it was just impossible to live on such a wage. Today, the common man in Nigeria earns comparatively less (in dollar rate). How does anyone in Nigeria live on N30 000 minimum wage monthly? How is that possible? I should address this in another article.

Specifically Nigerian politicians from all across Nigeria are mentally deranged, have low cerebral functions, are grossly incompetent, possess unbelievable, insatiable lusts for material possessions. Their collective stupidity and ineptitude continues to confine Nigeria to the league of poor countries, poor citizens and poverty-plagued existence not worthy of lower animals.

My aim today is to remind you as l have done in almost 2 decades that the person called the president of Nigeria is Buhari and he is leading probably the most corrupt government ever in Africa´s history. Like l always write, l thought Jonathan and the PDP gang would be the worst we had seen at the end of 2015. But this criminal called Buhari and the APC crew blew my mind away with the latest dimension of corruption in Nigeria since 2015.

The most annoying thing about this is the different nations enslaved in Nigeria, taking turns in different capacities and contributing to the ruins. I have mentioned names in many articles and it is becoming old fashioned. Still, take a little time and follow criminals like Akpabio and Oshiomhole if you want to have an idea of the problems. Then take time to follow all the politicians that are prominent, write their names and add corruption in a google search.

Buhari himself started stealing before 1977 but in 1977 he made it official as a minister of petroleum. Do you know how many years that is, from 1977 to 2020, that Buhari has had his hands in Nigeria´s public treasury?

Those aso rock dogs called special assistants or media assistants for things and nonsenses are just looking after their daily bread. Femi Adesina comes to mind. This is another criminal mind. When this is over, he would follow the lines of Segun Adeniyi and Reuben Abati in writing some stupid books or memos. Yorubas called such people didinrins.

Nigeria must be dismantled, totally. Nigeria must end for the nations entrapped within it to emerge and begin afresh. It is only competition between the different regions or nations within Nigeria that can reduce corruption and eradicate poverty.

The Yorubas  and the Ibos especially are very unfortunate to be clumped with the rest of Nigeria. These are ethnic groups that can survive on their own and rule the world in all ramifications. The Niger Delta would have toed the same line of progress and prosperity.

The North is lazy, but it would have emerged based on the competition from the other regions around or close to it.

Together in Nigeria, all these nations remain slaves to the colonial masters and the dumb ass politicians and elites who remain the most formidable criminal organisation in Africa. This is the bane of Nigeria.

These are some of the problems facing Nigeria. As it stands, like l always write, Nigeria will never, never make it under the present criminal political arrangement. Let me tell you, there will always be people and organisations that will prosper under the situation in Nigeria. You will be stupid to use your personal progress as a measure of the workability of Nigeria, a rotten country with a despicable high morality rate.

I don´t even want to remind you of the other things that make Nigerians less human. I don´t even want to start with our ladies who don´t know that they are mentally deranged with all the nonsense wigs on their heads. Our boys have all taken to rituals and cultism. Terrorists are made locally and internationally and dumped across the area called Nigeria. What is left of being African? What is left of being a Yoruba? Ibo? Kanuri? Bini?

Africa is long gone and the nations that should help rebuild are fading away not just because of poverty and corruption but also as a result of the total destruction of the cultural heritage of motherland-Africa.

Specifically Nigerian politicians from all across Nigeria are mentally deranged, have low cerebral functions, are grossly incompetent, possess unbelievable, insatiable lusts for material possessions. Their collective stupidity and ineptitude continues to confine Nigeria to the league of poor countries, poor citizens and poverty-plagued existence not worthy of lower animals.


Criminalities in the Nigerian Government

By Adeola Aderounmu

This topic relating to criminality in the Nigerian government continues to be of interest to me with each passing day since I wrote that article in the Nigerian Guardian in 2002 titled “Why Politicians Steal”. I think Nigerians continue to chase shadows and ignore real issues.

For many years we know that people in government like presidents, head of states, governors and other types of political office holders in Nigeria are stealing the wealth of Nigeria. Of course there are other places around the world where the governments are corrupt but Nigeria remains a priority to us. We are from Nigeria.

We know that for some reasons there are selective persecutions and prosecutions in some of the cases/ reports of looting. In Nigeria it is a common and general knowledge that those in power and those in government steal every day. No one can deny for example that Goodluck Jonathan has coveted the Nigerian treasury to personal enrichments. There are excessive records to nail the ruler of Nigeria and his wife from their time in Bayelsa until now.

It’s not rocket science that the likes of Babangida and his co-travellers stole Nigeria’s money and they are living large.  What I find difficult to comprehend is how Nigerians deemed criminality as a befitting status for their rulers. Make no mistakes there are no leaders in Nigeria. The use of the word “leader” does not apply to Nigeria. No one is leading that country. The rulers are doing what they like because they captured a country where the people are “religiously” resilient and suffering from the Nigerian syndrome.

In sane climes, all the criminals who have ruled Nigeria will be cooling off in prisons. Going by the magnitude and nature of corruption in Nigeria, all the past rulers are supposed to be in jail. One of the implications of serving justice is that those who are currently looting and stealing in Nigeria will fear for their lives and existence after the days of immunity.  The fear will not be in us who are ready to speak the truth in the face of trials and imprisonment without trials.

More than 53 years after independence Nigeria continues to head to a place that sounds like the “road to perdition”. Many Nigerians have lost their moral compasses because of the wealth that they tap from the rulers of Nigeria. Those who are speaking the truth in Nigeria have become endangered species because somehow Nigeria became a country to be captured and milked by all and sundry when the opportunity beckons.

Many Nigerian writers and journalists have “written” their ways to wealth. They took the backdoors to the treasury of Nigeria. Many public relations outfits and experts have laughed to the banks at the expense of the glory of Nigeria. Even some thoughtless people write on behalf of looters/criminals in government for huge pay per article.

Late Fela Anikulapo sang about the missing oil money around 3 decades ago, or more. Since then several billions of naira have disappeared in Nigeria not just from oil money but from other sources of national wealth.

It is very disgraceful and embarrassing the type of people who get to rule and then loot Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala and even one Deziani are members of the gang under whose watch billions of dollars have disappeared in Nigeria’s recent history. One of them or all of these people should have been given the boots. Someone should be cooling off in the presence of crime investigators. No. That does not happen in Nigeria. Criminals don’t quit offices and they don’t get investigated. There are cases of witch-hunting every now and then. Political criminals are above the law. When they move on, they are given “tougher” assignments of looting on a bigger scale.

Someone, actually some people continue to connive with some criminals at NNPC over the years to siphon the oil wealth of Nigeria. Babangida did it and he’s living large on money that he stole. All former head of states (dictators) and all former Nigerian rulers have in one way or the other stolen parts of this oil wealth. It is therefore no news that the Jonathan administration found pleasure in making the monies disappear from time to time. No longer a mystery.

As the election (2015) draws closer, more monies continue to disappear. I know that Sani Abacha’s loot disappeared under the watch of Okonjo-Iweala and Obasanjo. I don’t want anyone to give me that counter story again-that the money was used for some projects that already have allocations in the Federal Budget.

The stories of how money disappeared always end up been “the money was used for so, so and so projects”. These projects are already in the fraudulent budget, so please….let us spare ourselves that version of the lies. In line with the above Nigerians also found out this year (2014) how the government of Jonathan presented a budget full of fraud. In another good country the finance minister who dares to present that kind of budget will resign out of shame after 24 hours. The people will also force the government out of power. Nigerians love to glorify criminals in the name of tribalism, nepotism and “l go chop my own” or “It’s God who put them there”.

I’m still also perplexed how these acts of criminalities percolate every facet of the Nigerian life. I wrote in the series “Things that happen in Nigeria” about the criminals in the Nigerian Civil Service. The story has not changed. Nobody in the Nigerian government has been able to address how the directors and bosses in the civil service continue to steal and divert funds into their private accounts through different means.

There is that link between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank that can withdraw large sums of money usually several millions and then share the money directly into the bank accounts of directors for some seminars, projects or meetings planned essentially for self-enrichment. This is looting in the civil service. Put together with other forms of corruption across Nigeria in places of work and services these anomalies contribute to a form of existence that make Nigeria to be one of the worst places to live in the world.

Unfortunately the federal government of Nigeria lacks the moral pedestal to clean up a system when the occupiers of government houses in Abuja have shown tremendous criminal tendencies by looting and carting away billions of dollars. The 20 billion dollar heist can be true and sadly too, a tip of the iceberg. We have seen that for more than 53 years, that is, looting with impunity. Nigeria has lost the plot, completely.

The government of Nigeria does not see the shame in carrying out criminal activities. Goodluck Jonathan does not give a damn. He said so himself. What an emperor! The people are so tired and disconnected from governance that nothing matter to them anymore. Those who are not tired have succumbed to the Nigerian syndrome and you can tell that in Nigeria the judiciary has no “power” over thieves and criminals in government.

The Nigerian police is not free or empowered to arrest or question a ruler who is stealing. The Nigerian police cannot start a process that investigate the minister of finance but someone with the powers of a dictator has found the boldness to sack the Governor of the Central Bank because as we know, “you can’t be part of the problem and criticize the rest of us rightly or wrongly”. Not in Nigeria anyway!

In Nigeria many people are above the law. But if you are unlucky and you pick a pocket unsuccessfully at Agboju market, you will be beaten to death or burnt alive. The Nigerian masses are completely disorientated. They too, have lost the plot and their aggressions are misplaced. They kill people who steal N20 or a product worth N500. In Nigeria criminals who steal mobile phones have been jailed. We have read about undergraduates that are hanged for stealing. A man will die in Lagos for allegedly killing his wife. Imagine what should happen then to the rulers of Nigeria whose maladministration since 1960 has led to the untimely deaths of millions of Nigerians.

In this same Nigeria, the rulers, the governors, ministers, legislators and other public and private office holders have connived to steal, loot and divert billions of dollars, yet nothing has been done. This is why I always emphasise that Nigeria is not an ordinary country. Something does not add up. There is absolute insanity in the public space. All day in the Nigerian government has been for the thieves and looters, it does not appear that the days of the owners are in sight.

In principle, no one owns Nigeria. Therefore those who capture it at any level will continue to use her for their own advantages and benefits. This is the crux of the matter for the 2015 elections. The crux of the matter is not regional autonomy or a parliamentary system of government that will take away power from the emperors in Abuja and in state government houses. The crux of the matter for 2015 is self-preservation and mad politics as usual.

Those who capture INEC and Nigeria in 2015 will continue to destroy Nigeria if the people continue to look the other way and condone madness in high places. Nigeria is ruled by criminals and someway, somehow, there must be a means to stop this anomaly. In Nigeria the rulers are not leaders. They don’t lead, they accumulate wealth in the most primitive manner.

The Nigerian syndrome and the overstretched Nigerian resiliency toned by religion and a blind faith that is not supported by positive works is making Nigeria a place where the future generations will likely curse the day they were born.


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Jos-Nigeria, a lawless state

Adeola Aderounmu

Jos has now become the death valley. Jos the capital of Plateau State in mid-Nigeria is now notorious for religious attacks, counter attacks and revenge.

What a sad situation!

Jos is supposed to be one of the most attractive tourist attraction centres in Nigeria, but see what religion has done to Jos. What a shame!

Jos has a climate that is superb and it’s one of the places I would have loved to visit but I dare not. I am disappointed, not in Jos really, but in Nigeria. The country is a completely failed state. Lacking in democracy and genuine leadership, the problems of the states is actually a reflection of the stupidity of the rulers. Not to fail to mention the absurd resiliency of the masses. These two abnormalities have now melted Nigeria into a jungle country.

The other day we read about, and saw horrible pictures of innocent people murdered and dissected by armed robbers. No greater insanity. Time after time, Jos and other places continue to erupt into violence and “small” wars.

There are problems upon problems in Nigeria but the politicians and conquerors of Nigeria are busy stealing, looting, talking nonsense in the house of assembly, sharing money and allowances across the various arms of government-monies that end up in private account and overseas. This country is a failed country! I’m so convinced.

No credible elections, no electoral reforms, no legal president, useless anticorruption war and all sorts of stupid things going on daily.

The one who is the acting president is still romancing the same people who stole, looted and destroy the country. He is one of them.

The Jos issue is not a local issue. It is a reflection of the lack of democracy and failure of the system. We have no defined system and the country is built on very useless people instead of strong institutions and good principles of governance.

I am not just crying for Jos, I am also crying for Nigeria.