Nigeria is obviously not a democratic country

Adeola Aderounmu

My work is not allowing me to blog out my heart concerning the TOTAL MADNESS in the Nigerian seat of power.

Mad men are back to power and a probably insane woman is about to uproot the weak foundations of Nigeria.

I shal blog more over the weekend after I have taken a closer look at the ABSOLUTE MADNESS going on in Nigeria.

I hope to hit out hard at Nigerians including myself that we have totally lost the plot and maybe it is time for everyone to return to his/ her mother’s house.

I cannot believe how insanity has taken control of the rulership in Nigeria.

Anyone who says Nigeria is a democratic country would need an immediate psychiatric evaluation.

As I write Nigeria is like a jungle where some fools and idiots are holding the rest of us to ransom. For all they care, the rest of us can go to hell.

This is unbelievable. What a crazy dilemma.

These are probably the worst of times for sane Nigerians. We are all down no doubt!

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