Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerian presidency is the most ridiculous institution in Nigeria. If you want to know why Nigeria is usually disorganized in many things look no further than the seat of power. It is so true yet unbelievable. It took so long before Goodluck Jonathan could be given the mantle to lead Nigeria.

When he was supposed to get out and lead the people, he sat in Aso rock receiving local and international visitors. All the former corrupt rulers came to him. What do they want? Were they paid for the visit? That is a possibility in the Nigeria that I knew.

Goodluck has spent the entire period of his reign as acting president, no matter how short it is, to talk, receive people and did almost nothing like going out and leading. We have no leaders and our heroes are dead.

Now check this out. Military personnel were deployed to the streets of Abuja without the knowledge of Goodluck Jonathan. Mr Jonathan had no knowledge that Yar Adua was to be smuggled into the country at midnight of 23rd Feb 2010. All the actions and activities that brought back Yar Adua is an ambulance were unknown to Goodluck Jonathan.

The Nigerian presidency is a divided house. It is in disarray and believe it or not Nigerians are in trouble. The sufferings and poverty in the country are nowhere near being tackled. Nigeria is now a confirmed field for fight for political supremacy and winners takes all. Probably the Winner will stand alone like in Paulo Coelho’s book.

How can the acting president not know about the “smuggling in” of the fake president who left 90 days ago on “AWOL”? There are fundamental issues that threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria.

These issues are serious and they bring to the fore once again that Nigeria is not a united country. Those who say that Nigeria is a geographical region are perfectly correct. It is a region that the winner plunders and takes home the profit.

If the presidency is so disorganized, selfish, wicked and corrupt, it means we are still in a hopeless situation. Who is going to explain why Goodluck Jonathan, the man who is supposed to be in charge of Nigeria, was not aware of military personnel being deployed across the streets of Abuja?

Who ordered the provision of security for the return of Yar Adua? Why was the security measure necessary? Was there any risk to the return of Yar Adua? Why is Yar Adua in an ambulance? Why was the light put out on his ambulance air plane? What is all these secretive moves and rubbish all about? What is the purpose of all these devilish maneuvers?

If Goodluck could be caught off guards on security measures, we can now understand the spate of political assassinations in Nigeria. We can get a picture of the unending riots in Jos and other parts of Northern Nigeria. We can have an idea of how one Muttalab could sneak around with bomb in his pants. We can understand our collective grief when people like Dipo Dina and all the defenders of human rights and freedom of speech have been gunned downed in broad day light.

All these things are linked and interwoven to make our lives complex and complicated. They add to the problems and obstacles that we face. They dim our hopes and blur our aspirations.

The political situation in Nigeria today is a “heart breaker”. It calls for urgent measures. Where do we go from here? How do we get out of the dilemma. The presidency is confused and in disarray, where is our hope?

Yar Adua should be taken to his village..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

You can tell who the real enemies of Nigeria are. They include individuals like Yar Adua and his so called evil kitchen cabinet.

Just when we are about to settle down to do something meaningful after over 2 years of recklessness and waste Mr Yar Adua was smuggled into Abuja amidst tight security. It makes you wonder if he is a civilian ruler or an outright dictator.

We don’t know if he came back to Nigeria on his own or if his kitchen cabinet wanted to give us a stationary dude for a fake president for the second time in 2 years. Time is the revealer of all things-hidden or secrets. But that he is resident in an ambulance speaks volume!

Time will tell if Yar Adua is bold enough to appear in public by conscious effort. When he claimed to be well, he was very ineffective, slow and very insignificant to the lives of millions of suffering Nigerians. It doesn’t matter his condition now Yar Adua is already down in history as the worst president/ruler ever in Nigeria.

Nigeria is not ready for the present dilemma which the kitchen cabinet has now orchestrated. We were just looking into the future and thinking about how to adopt electoral changes, how to conduct free and fair elections and how to enthrone genuine democracy.

We were just thinking about how we can help Mr. Jonathan with the fight against corruption in his family and nationwide. We were putting on our thinking caps about the electricity problem in Nigeria. We live in darkness and our businesses are crumbling for obvious reasons.

Suddenly, we now have to stop and think once again, not about 100m Nigerians living desperately on less than 1 dollar per day, but about Mr Yar Adua who held Katsina and Nigeria in bondage for 8 and 2 years respectively. We are back in trouble waters.

This is what I think, some idiots may probably use Yar Adua as a decoration somewhere and pretend to us that what they are doing is following the instructions from Yar Adua. They tried this several times saying that our fake president was ruling and giving orders from Saudi Arabia.

Since that ploy failed with the elevation of Goodluck Jonathan, they decided to bring Umaru home-dead or alive. It’s the same old trick.
I have written before that Yar Adua should be taken to his village if he ever returns to Nigeria. I maintain that stance. Mr Yar Adua, the illegitimate ruler of Nigeria, is not fit for the presidency. No matter the condition under which he has returned to Nigeria, he should be taken to his village.

He needs to continue to rest. If he is conscious, he needs to think about his health and family. He should never prioritize Nigeria. Nigeria and Nigerians can do without his nonsense inputs. He should just go and leave Nigeria alone.

I am waiting anxiously to see his unveiling if he thinks that he has the strength again to lead Nigeria.

A word is enough for the wise but never enough for the foolish. The dog that will get lost will never hear the hunter’s whistle. AND those whom the gods will destroy, they first make deaf. I think someone or some people are probably deaf now.

The next few days will be exciting in Nigeria. There will be no dull moments. We keep our fingers crossed..!