Nigerian Govt Sends Another Useless Delegation To Saudi Arabia

Adeola Aderounmu

For the umpteenth time the Nigerian government is sending another useless delegation to Saudi Arabia. This is with a view to see to the state of health of Mr. Yar Adua who left Nigeria since November 2009.

No one has seen Mr. Yar Adua since Nov 2009. Only his wife and the paid tight-lip Saudi Doctors know about the condition of Mr. Yar Adua. Every time other Nigerians or government officials try to find out about Umaru Yar Adua they met impermeable brick walls.

At one time one American TV presenter joked that Nigerian president may be secretly dead. Then we heard a voice on BBC that no one has verified to this moment. Images are very important but we haven’t seen that since November 2009.

If the Nigerian government is composed of sensible people, what is the reason for sending another useless delegation to Saudi Arabia? They have done that before and the results were negative. No one can see Yar Adua. I don’t know why but surely his wife knows.

Just imagine this simple scenario: rather than send another useless delegation to Saudi Arabia, why not give that money (believe me, this single trip costs millions of naira) to one or two poor people in Nigeria to start a new business that will transform their lives forever.

Like I have always argued, I will never understand the madness in our government. Why do we need a delegation to travel to Saudi Arabia in this world dominated by media and communication power? Even a web cam of 10 dollars can solve the problem.

Yes a webcam that cost 10 dollars or less can solve the problem that the Nigerian government is now spending millions of naira on. No amount of argument on the side of the government now headed by Mr Jonathan can justify the extension of the madness into his administration.

Is this what Mr Goodluck Jonathan has in stock for Nigerians? Merry go-rounding? Dancing and beating about the bush? Is this the level of intellectualism in the Nigerian house of assembly-to continue to loot and waste millions of naira daily when ordinary Nigerian are looking for hope and daily bread?

I am compelled to repeat that a webcam connection between Aso rock and Saudi Arabia would have saved this millions of naira that is about to be wasted. If Aso rock cannot make the connection by cam or video conference, then it simply means that Umaru is not worth seeing and his government should be totally terminated. This should have even been done the moment he left without following the due process.

Is Goodluck going to sit down and do something or is he going to spend the whole time he has begging and pacifying sycophants in Nigeria. He has to make a choice either to serve Nigerians or trying to appease evil minded people. If he chose the later, that makes him one of them and our fears are duly confirmed.

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