A Nation In Custody and the Prophecy of Naiwu Osahon

Adeola Aderounmu

I’d written elsewhere on the blogosphere about how my father bought me a book titled A NATION IN CUSTODY. It was way back (late 80s or sometime in the 90s). The author is Naiwu Osahon.

I still don’t know why my father bought me that book when I was just a little boy.

Now a grown man with my own family I see clearly now. Nigeria is still in custody.

Some people write comments on my blog challenging my thoughts and opinions about Nigeria. I don’t care what they think or how they feel. I believe that I am entitled to my opinion about Nigeria.

Nigeria is the most ridiculous country on earth. I won’t give it to the Somalis. In close to 2 decades the Somalis have no government. So we know where they stand-failed in totality.

Nigeria continues to pride herself as the African giant. Absolute fallacy. We claim to have democracy-complete bull shit!

Nigeria is not a democratic country and we are not close. In my opinion Nigeria is a geograpical area captured by some opportunists to their own gains. As far as I am concerned Nigeria is a region where a few people have enslaved several million others. I don’t care what other people think, this is how I think.

I cannot comprehend that since May 2007 Nigeria has no legitimate president. And since dec 2009 Nigeria does not even have an illegitimate president. And they say it’s democracy. Nonsense.

Those who own and run Nigeria don’t care about the millions living in poverty and desperation. If they do and if there was democracy, the House of Assembly would by now have done their obligations-which is to move the country forward in the absence of the fake president whose status remains secretive and unknown since DEC 2009.

But since we don’t have democracy in Nigeria and since those who run Nigeria do not give account to anyone, the rest of us can remain in coma with the runaway fake president. Welcome to Nigeria, a country ruled by mad politicians and gangters called godfathers.

They are sharing money, bribing themselves back and forth and everything is so uncertain.

We the ordinary people bark, write and complain but since we have deemed ourselves powerless, the nonentities at the helm of affairs continue to do what they like.

They fluorish in illegalities and randomness.

This nation as far as I am concern is in custody. It was in custody when Osahon wrote several years ago. It remains in custody as I write.

The House of Rep and the Senate members because they were all bundled in illegally in 2007, do not have the morality to act on our behalf. Therefore they continue to accept millions of dollars in bribe from the presidency. The VP is so impotent and insignificant he is almost unheard. There is nothing to fight for when everyone has a skeleton in his/ her cupboard.

SERIOUSLY I will never never never understand why we are always in this ridiculous situation. It makes nonsense of our collective intelligence. It’s so amazing and according to one of my friends: HOW DO WE THINK OR HOW ARE WE THINKING?

I mean, we know what to do but we continue to allow this reign of terror, lies, deceits, tyranny and illegitimacy.

I’ve tried to change my discussions in the past few weeks but this madness in Nigeria keeps irritating me. I tried to write about sports, I even wrote about family values but NO the madness of those keeping the rest of us as slaves keeps catching up with me.

I’m short of words. Nigeria is a completely FAILED COUNTRY!

5 thoughts on “A Nation In Custody and the Prophecy of Naiwu Osahon

  1. The reason is that we are all the same. Having been constantly exposed to the filthy air of corruption, we are all stinking. That is why everybody now looks for opportunities to steal. The popular belief is that if you get the chance and you don’t do it, you are a ‘moo moo’. And that is a dangerous place to be at, as a nation.


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  3. “The reason is that we are all the same. Having been constantly exposed to the filthy air of corruption, we are all stinking.” You might be but there some others who are not in that your category I am one of them. “That is why everybody now looks for opportunities to steal.” Not everybody.

    Do you have to be like everybody? Where is the gumption for you to be yourself and be different?

    Even if your own fore fathers were robbers, haven’t you noticed that we are in a small, and fast world. A world in the sense that what you do in secret come to hunt you in public. Even if those before you robbed must you?

    Now to the writer that stated all these things is who I exhort. We must not look at the front horse to participate in a race in this scenario but rather looked at the back horse and see if it is watching to run a proper race.

    Some of us have no class, and we have taken these classless latitude abroad messing our names and our country to bane.

    Those who set the laws and the rules of our country apparently are not worth it, why vote for them.

    “The popular belief is that if you get the chance and you don’t do it, you are a ‘moo moo’. And that is a dangerous place to be at, as a nation.”

    For crying out loud, who is Goodluck Jonathan, where does he come from and where is he going?

    I have always believed in given someone a second chance, but how many chances does Nigeria need to rid itself from all the overlay of corruption we mastered from one leader to the other.

    Yar’Adua is ill, dead or alive the country is unsure. Wow what a nation? However, the present (Keeper) the chief of state sends delegates to Saudi Arabia to find out his welfare the second or whatever times. I must say is maddening.
    What are they hiding? He is either dead or alive.
    If Yar’Adua family does not want anyone to know, why bother.

    Why can’t the next whoever is running the country declares him on awol, or dead? I get so sickening of the charades and the indecency of the country, and I wish those who called themselves politicians do something better than siphoning the country’s wealth before they are seen as another Mugabe.



  4. Adeola
    I’m new to your site.

    What you said in this post is very true. I was on another board where they were “flapping” about Yar’Adua or Johnathon. I said it really doesn’t make any difference as neither of them have the answers.

    I used to wonder how is it Nigeria, can unfailingly produce unworthy leaders. I concluded that the vetting process is non-existent, so anyone who chooses to can assume sort of office be local, state or federal and get away with wrong-doing. Present them with an issue and they will be evasive or at best resort to a gimmick, and hence the predicament of the country.

    I look around at the world, you see Brazil, India, China, South Africa , Indonesia, the strides they have made in the last 50 years, even Nigeria’s modest brother Ghana is leaving Nigeria in the dust.

    Nigeria is a country that refuses to move forward, yet people keep showering all these nice sayings “God bless Nigeria etc”, but that is all sounding rather hollow, as the opposite is nearer the truth. The country continues to descend into darkness , poverty and brutality.

    I used to be annoyed, now I’m just saddened by the whole picture.

    The Brazilian consul to Haiti made a comment

    “the African himself carries a curse on him. Anywhere you´ve got Africans, the place is just fucked up!”

    taken from

    He was referring to plight of Haitians in Haiti. Even though his assertion is questionable. In the case of Nigeria, to date they have not disproved his assertion but confirmed it. I just hope other black nations don’t go the way of Nigeria has gone in the last 50 years.

    Maybe tomorrow will bring a better dawn…and a new way of thinking for Nigeria and it’s peoples.


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