Murder in Ogun State: The Killing of Dipo Dina

Adeola Aderounmu

A prominent son of Ogun State has been assasinated. Mr. Dipo Dina was a vibrant opposition figure and the Ogun State gubernatorial candidate of the Action Congress in the April 2007 election. He was assassinated near Covenant University in Otta, Ogun State on Jan 26 2010.

My parents are from Ogun State. I have been there maybe 4 or 5 times my whole life. Ogun State is home to Obasanjo, MKO Abiola, Awolowo and several prominent Nigerians including Ernest Shonekan.

Ogun State will continue to occupy a central place in the Nigerian Political Sphere. But that we have killed one of our brightest minds is a big shame to us. We have allowed politics to ruin our sense of value and belonging.

The killers of Dipo Dina should bend their heads in shame. They are no better than wild animals in their show of stupidity, madness and extreme barbarism.

This is one murder too many.

There are people who are already concluding that the Ogun State Government headed by the governor Mr. Daniels should be held responsible for this killing. Such allegations may be careless or reckless.

But what are we going to get in a country where assassinations and murders of ordinary and prominent people have never been solved before? With the wicked and evil minds in control of governance, we may be asking for too much if we ask for the perpetrators to be apprehended and prosecuted. Still it is a necessary call!

The police may be out already calling this an armed robbery attack! This is what they always say. This is shameful and scandalous. We want better results from the police and security agencies.

Anambra Elections is coming soon in February, I hope that the people will allow peace to reign and that the electoral committee will count only the votes casted at polling booths.

In 2011, and before, we hope that the nest of killers would have been dismantled and brough to Justice.

The killing of Dipo is despicable, highly unacceptable and should never have happened. It is sad and the scar will remain with Ogun State and Nigeria forver.

May his sould rest in perfect peace and May the family find the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

4 thoughts on “Murder in Ogun State: The Killing of Dipo Dina

  1. I woke up this morning to hear this mostly unfortunate story of Dina’s callous murder. The political class, particularly, his opponents should begin a soul-searching exercise because the manner of the killing suggests that it is politically motivated. My problem with this type of situation is the kind of police that we re having in this country. Listening to the state police commissioner earlier today regarding his initial findings, you will pity this country where police top-shots are speaking like dafts and grossly lacking in intelligence. Or how would you describe his account of findings that the murder episode is having a coloration of robbery when his own pedestrian account seemed contrary. NIGERIA INDEED IS IN A TERRIBLE MESS! May those who kill the man never find rest untill their evil catch up with them.


  2. The killing of Mr. Dipo Dina of Action congress of ogun state is another event that can project a bad image for this country to the outside world.How can our politicias believe that killing of human being is the solution to get their way to the political office?
    I believe hell is awaiting many politicians in Nigeria. Killing of somebody like Dina is a great loss to the Ijebu kingdom and entire ogun state or nigeria.


  3. its too uncall for in a stste that belong to nobody but we the omo oguns to emback on this type of things called politics-cleansing the way i ll rather put it..must it be we…………………………………………………………………………………


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