The US, UK and Germany are Terrorist countries too..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria probably deserved to be there because Northern Nigeria is dominated by Sharia law and extremists who have slaughtered and killed Christians over the years without facing judgement.

Nigeria’s former president Mr. Obasanjo allowed the thoughtless governors in Northern Nigeria including Mr. Yar Adua to establish Sharia states. As the president from 1999-2007 he could have weird his presidential authority (even if that confirms his military background for a good purpose) to stop those fools from establishing sharia states within a secular country.

By turning his face away and doing nothing Mr. Obasanjo and the lazy Northern governors committed acts of treason, among many other crimes, against the Nigerian nation. The 2009 Christmas day Nigerian bomber is the certificate and climax for the crimes of both the Nigerian rulers and a failed parenthood.

However Mr. Obama the American president and those who decided to place Nigeria on the list of countries of terrorists are either myopic or simply blinded by what we continue to unfold as the future of terrorism.

A number of the perpetrators of the 9-11 terror attack on the US trained both in Germany and the US. They were trained by Americans and probably Germans. That way they are not different from Abdulmuttalab who was trained in Yemen. Yemen and Nigeria are on terror list. In my opinion Germany and the US are on top of the terror list.

I cannot count how many terrorists have emerged from the UK. Those in incubation as we have been told far outnumbered those we have seen. In that sense the UK occupies the number one spot of terrorist countries.

You see Mr. Obama, double standards cannot save or rescue the world. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. You cannot put Nigeria on the list of terrorist countries while closing your eyes to the past or the precedents and even ignoring threats from within your domains.

But let me help you. I am Nigerian and I know that if care is not taken, Nigeria will disintegrate even before the 2015 as predicted. I hate what is called governance in Nigeria. It’s too corrupt for me to behold. I know corruption is worldwide trait but the dimension and the effects in my Nigeria make me sick. I am frustrated. I am so frustrated by the never improving status of my country despite our intelligence, oil wealth and vast human resources. Our expanse of mineral and agricultural diversities lay in fallow or in ruins. We are so graciously blessed but largely living in penury-more than 70% of Nigerians are living in unnecessary poverty. We deserve a better life for real!

Hence I reckon with you the ease with which you can place Nigeria on the terror list. But that doesn’t stop me from pointing out to you that the US, Britain and Germany in my mind, are terrorist nations as well. I believe I have a right to my own judgement too. The recent killings of Americans by an American man at a military base point to the constancy of America as a nation of terrorists. A number of American citizens are scattered worldwide planning terror to be executed in America or on Americans. Remember the arrest in Pakistan?

My advice to you is to review the list of terrorist countries. You have to base your conclusions on sound judgments and not sentiments or witch-hunting. How can Nigeria be on the list of terrorist countries for the same reason that have left out the US, UK and Germany? That I don’t get but I do understand our peculiarity as highlighted above.

But now I can argue that Nigeria should not be on the terror list because Abdulmuttalab is not a symbol of Nigeria.

Nigerians: We are Captives in our own country..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria is trying to shake off the “terror-label” tagged by the US but if you ask me we have more serious issues to take care of on our home front.

I have actually written a piece (yet unposted) to challenge Barrack Obama or whoever gave the tag to Nigeria. I will not dispute the fact that Northern Nigeria is a fertile ground to would-be terrorists but the US and UK are more terrorist countries than Nigeria. I’ll come back to that in another post.

But has anyone been following the events in Nigeria and how a small group of persons have enslaved the rest of us. Mr. Yar Adua is not available and no one else will be allowed to become president.

Invariably we are being told that it is Yar Adua (dead, half dead or alive) OR no one else until 2011. So Nigeria will be without a ruler, leader, dictator or whatever until 2011 or whenever the next election will be. Goodluck Jonathan can be there as a figure head for all this clique of people care!

There was a demonstration last week demanding the end of this nonsense rulership of incapable Yar Adua but if you ask me I think the situation demands a daily and sustained demonstration until the objective of rally is achieved-that is the supremacy of the constitution which has been thrown away for over 53 days.

In one of my post I have described the Nigeria Judiciary as a citadel of corrupt minds. Yes it is! Imagine the judgements and pronouncements that were made this week. The Nigerian Judiciary is a rotten and useless branch of government. One judge wakes up one morning and collects millions of dollars as bribe and tells us afterwards that there is no power vacuum in Nigeria. Only a fool can say that!

My frustration for Nigeria has increased and my sadness knows no bound. When people come to my blog and tell me bullshit about what I write about Nigeria, I get more upset even as I approved their comments. Only a fool or an idiot will be happy with the sad situation in Nigeria. Another fool will expect the rest of us to point out the good things in Nigeria while neglecting the fundamental issues that affect more than 70m Nigerians.

Mr. Aondoakaa that shameless Attorney General is doing all he can to make a fool out of the rest of us. This won’t last long. People like him should remember war criminals. They always pay for their crimes. One day those who are committing these despicable acts will be brought to judgement. The arm of the law is surely short in Nigeria but still I know it will catch up with his likes.

Sometimes I don’t find the words to express my anger and frustrations. We have a sick ruler. He is incapable. Our lives are in coma the same time as his. What is wrong to allow the constitution to takes its course. Goodluck Jonathan is a vice president. He should be allowed to take over so that governance can continue.

However these greedy people who have captured the rest of us as slaves will not allow our lives to go on. They will keep us waiting as they continue to steal, loot and destroy what is left of the weak foundations of our sick democracy.

I am getting tired. When will madness stops in Nigeria seat of power?