Jos Burns Again

By Adeola Aderounmu

I have at least 2 entries on my blog stating that Nigeria is not a terrorist country but the muslim region north of Nigeria continues to make nonsense of my claims. There are loads of groups now on facebook saying that Nigeria is not a terrorist country. But the more some of us have tried to paint Nigeria positive by saying that we are not a nation of terrorists the more some fools somewhere are negating our claims.

There have been fighting again in Jos. Jos again? What is wrong with Jos?

Can the governor of Plateau State give us reasons why he cannot ensure security of lives and property in his domain? Why is there regular fighting in Jos between Muslims and Christians? Are there no permanent solutions to these problems?

Nigeria is not a terrorist country and those who may want to use this ugly event in Jos to say-we told you so-must be told in clear terms that this violence in the North of Nigeria or in the Middle Belts do not define Nigeria or Nigerians.

We are a life and peace loving people. These outbursts in the North is a regional problem caused by ignorance, poverty and brainwashing of illiterates by a few selfish people-usually politicians using religion as a political weapon. I really do not know the cause of the recent clashes but I’ll surely have to ask around and find out what the problems of those fools are.

I remember featuring in a video clip for a group of people who are planning to visit Nigeria-see inserted clip. I promoted Nigeria and Jos especially. So I am really disappointed with the latest clashes. How can these people now have the courage to visit Jos with all these clashes and religious violence.

But then, hey, Nigeria has no ruler and there you can trace the origin of our country. A headless body is obviously useless. It was bad enough with headache, what can one say when the head is eventually off?

Nigerians, please lets save our country..!

We are not terrorists and we are definitely not a nation of violent people. How can we get this message across with all these negative images from Nigeria?

3 thoughts on “Jos Burns Again

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  3. Due to the inability of the governmemt enforcement agents to enforce the appropriate rule of law and order- are among the many reason (Why) there regular and chaotic fighting in Jos between Muslims and Christians. Our leaders and the people of the country should understand that each aspect of religion and cultural element can be seen as a very important environmental condition affecting the system and subsystem in any society. Nigerian leaders need to understand the diversity of tribes, tradition, customs and languages of the different people in Nigeria in order to improve comprehensive leadership style and effectiveness in governance of the people. In Nigeria, culture is a phenomenon that surrounds the people as well as the nation’s heritage. Both culture, religion, and leadership are intertwined. Many people believe in their customs, tribes, dialects and traditions as a guide to their way of life


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