Their President is Missing

By Adeola Aderounmu

Mr. Yar Adua who millions of Nigerians regard as their Nigerians is missing. He is not in the hospital in Saudi Arabia as originally thought or reported. So, where is their president?

This is so ridiculous and shameful. The US has just listed Nigeria as one of the countries under scrutiny because of one stupid boy called Abdulmuttalab who tried to blow up an American airliner. Seriously I’m beginning to have a second thought on my support for Mr. Obama.

1 Nigerian terrorist and 151 million people guilty. Mr Obama needs to re-examine his thoughts and actions. Indeed Northern Nigeria is a potential hot spot for recruitment of idle or wasted minds into terrorist network but the more literate south is devasted by this situation. Nigerians should be removed from the useless list of passengers to be “stripped” when flying to the US. All passengers deserve the same treatment.

Anyway how much blame falls on Obama’s admin is another perspective into the entire scenario. 151m Nigerians have been kidnapped and held hostage by a cabal and some gangsters that have refused to move the country forward more than 40 days since Mr. Yar Adua went missing.

Nigeria is a peculiar country no doubts. Our politicians and rulers are more or less idiots and nonentities. If not, how can there be a power vacuum for more than 40 days when there is a VP? They have turned the VP to a mumu. I could throw up reading his new year message! Pray, Support, this, that and all the useless and nonsense statements we’ve heard before. Nigerians need a new way forward, we want a leader and to even think that this entrapped man called Jonathan is the likely ruler in the days ahead makes me shiver. Still I hope he gets the chance and we’ll see where we go from there in 2011.

Many things are wrong and lies and propaganda are flowing freely. Power vacuum remains as some irresponsible people continue to toy and play with our lives. They stole our future and they are about to set the stage for the destruction of the next generation.

If I may repeat (how many times have I done this?), Yar Adua should be left alone wherever he is and whatever he is doing, we MUST MOVE ON.

We are a nation of 151m people and we are currently at the centre-stage of world’s attention as a terrorist nation. Still we have no one to address the issues plaguing us. Their president is missing, no one knows where Yar Adua is!

Maduekwe is giving the US a 7 day ultimatum. Very funny. Where is your president Mr Ojo Maduekwe? Where is the ultimatum coming from and who are you chatting with? Please give me a break. A country without a legal president is a symbol of useless politicians who should be ignored.

I’m sure Obama will listen to you when you tell him where your president is.

Where is their president, Mr Yar Adua?

4 thoughts on “Their President is Missing

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  2. The power vacuum created by Babangida when he ‘stepped aside’ and hand-picked Shonekan was the impetus Abacha needed. I hope the present vacuum will not encourage some crazy soldiers to seize power again. Wake up people of Nigeria. This is 2010! The VP himself is behaving like a figure head. If he takes over power, let ‘s see who will oppose him.


  3. Dis is so ridiculous. Our president gone AWOL for 40+ days. I wonder where dis is leading us to. I think Nigerians are tired of shouting and just fold dia hands to watch when dis melodrama will end. Dis situation also reveal the truth about Goodluck; a weakling who is not fit for such mantle of hegemony


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