The Bad Luck and Evil in Nigeria Today

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerians are resilient, no doubt about that.

The current illegal regime in Nigeria is full of bad luck and evil. Nothing good has happened in Nigeria since May 2007 when Yar Adua was illegally installed as the ruler of Nigeria. I curse the day I will call him a president! He will never be one!

Nigerian sports has now died completely. Education is extinct. Health care is rubbish in the public health institutions. In private hospitals, health care is as expensive as gold-

Roads and other infrastructure are near collapse. The cost of living is out through the roof. Employment is record high and crime rate is extraordinary.

Purchasing power of the naira is in the ebb and the cost of transportation has skyrocketed over and over again.

Summarily, the state of security is zero as anyone can be killed or kidnapped at anytime.

Yar Adua is full of bad luck and it is surprising that the people of Nigeria cannot kick this evil man out of the way. He is illegal and non-performing. His reign has brought tears and harm to our daily lives and he is still be pampered like an egg. He is using our money to treat himself in Saudi Arabia while 5 000 children die weekly immediately after or during birth.

This is so silly, as in what is going on in Nigeria. It is worse than horror movie.

If Nigerians don’t know, they should read it from me that as long as illegality and evil government persist in Nigeria, things will get worse and worse.

Life will never get better under the reign of illegality and evil. Millions of Nigerians will not experience the good life until they make a decision to steer the course of the National democracy and the respect for the rights of all and sundry.

Until this mafiac reign of illegality, corruption and evil machinations are crushed, the bad luck, poverty and all the attributes of a failed state will persist in Nigeria.

The first thing to do is to get Yar Adua and other forms of illegality out of the way. A revolution of minds and attitudes will present the way forward for Nigeria. The status quo is the way of perdition and ruin.

I feel so sorry Nigeria, the ant of Africa

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