Nigerian Politicians Repeating their Madness

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Nigeria is still battling with the illegal presidency two years on. Nothing is working except organised corruption.

In Anambra State, the madness is on again. There will be a governorship position to be filled in February 2010. There is total chaos now in the politics in Anambra State especially in the PDP camp. PDP is the ruling party in Nigeria. That is the party with the evil strength that have been used to plunder and scatter the country since 1999.

By special arrangement PDP has been designed to win the governorship election in 2010. The votes will not be counted so the other parties may as well not bother to campaign or send their supporters into the deadly voting processes.

PDP will win because the most useless election umpire ever in the history of mankind, one Maurice Iwu is still in charge of the partial electoral committees. No electoral reforms have been carried out since the illegal regime of Yar Adua took over in 2007. Why would there be a reform that could unseat the evil and wicked government?

PDP styles of government has appointed the immediate past governor of the central bank of Nigeria Mr. Soludo as its flagbearer for the 2010 Anambra State governorship election. PDP did not follow the due process that will allow delegates to vote for aspirants. In Nigeria elections are a mere waste of time. In keeping with this mad attitude and since there were over 40 candidates seeking the single PDP ticket, the PDP hiearchy took the shortest cut ever. It is called wuruwuru.

This is an idea of the things to come in Nigerian in 2011. There will be violence, political assasinations, mayhem, riots, chaos and anarchy may be the climax. This country is in bad hands and bad shape. There are no electoral reforms so this useless politicians will keep the status quo. It is a game, survival of the fittest, survival of the fattest pocket. Looters on the rampage.

Politics is the shortest cut to wealth in Nigeria. People steal freely and they loot as much as they want from the public treasury. This is why someone can pay 5 million naira to buy a governorship ticket. Most of these people are people who have stolen from one place or the other. How else can they raise 5m naira to buy an ordinary paper?

Since thieves and looters are not prosecuted, Nigerian Politics continue to attract more thieves like the ones in power now. Yar Adua and all his co-travellers are thieves!!! Has anyone check out the customs department lately? It is full of smugglers known to Yar Adua and even the custome boss is a BIG FRAUD!

One day will be one day, the people will eventually have their eyes open and take what it theirs.

It is certain that this country cannot go on like this, it is a big shame. Nigeria is now the ant of Africa. We share a collective shame because of the madness and the greediness of a few. The madness will stop one day.

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