IAAF versus CASTER SEMENYA: It is pure Racism!

By Adeola Aderounmu

IAAF can go ahead to test Semenya Caster just because she is an African woman. This is pure racism and absolute discrimination even if they come up with one or two indications of elements of masculinity.

Caster Semenya (from www.bbc.co.uk)

Caster Semenya (from http://www.bbc.co.uk)

Does the IAAF have the courage to test all the muscular Jamaican, American, German, British and even Russian girls? No! We have not heard that they are doing all these elaborate, sensitive and intensive tests on any other woman/ girl from other countries or continent.

So, it is only an African that can serve as the laboratory “rat” of the IAAF? This is absolutely ridiculous. It is an insult to African women all over the world. IAAF is now going to set a standard of what a woman should look like, run like, dress like, react like and develop like.

Female athlete should now be IAAF factors-compliant.

I was so pissed off by the other competitors who complained about Caster Semenya. They can only make this useless complains because she is African I supposed.

Hopefully Semenya will come out clean and I hope by then she can give IAAF back their medals because this one has been made worthless.

7 thoughts on “IAAF versus CASTER SEMENYA: It is pure Racism!

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  2. From my point of view all alligations of racism are all completely false. The IAAF is an international body which clearly critizes any form of racism.

    When you look into history of athletics, you can see many examples of european athletes, whose gender was questioned (Russia, Bulgaria). Questions which were proofed right… it was not a woman but a man.

    If it was out of rasistic motivation, it would also be questioned in other cases, when African women win.


    • Thomas,

      The tests they are performing or going to perform on this girl are outrageous. If they carry out the same tests on all the girls at BERLIN 2009, probably half of the girls will turn up with male characteristics/ hormonal levels that will probably be remarkable.

      Semenya is not the only one “looking” that way. Why should she become the lab rat of IAAF?

      If they do these tests on her, it will only be fair they do similar tests on all the female athletes at Berlin 2009.

      She should not be treated as “less human” because she is an african woman.

      To even imagine that her co-contestants complained about her is the climax of racism. So there are enough evidence for racial discrimination in this particular case. IAAF fell flat for the racial card. No doubt about that.

      Thank you


  3. why is it that an african to make a world record disturbing many white? a test to varify semenya’s gender is really a total disgrace to all the IAAF board.
    To me, they should have prepared those games for only the whites if they didn’t want a record breaker and a promising athlete from any black african. thank you
    but they should put every step in consideration because every board member is too low to make decisions and really need total ban from entertainment sector.

    thank you


  4. IAAF shame on you

    i vehemently jiffy the idea that IAAF ( the so-called international body) is now becoming a supporter of racism. In 100 m , 200m or any other race involving men have you ever heard before the failures or losers being tested to see if they are WOMEN. a vehement NO. THE issue here is racism, because this flamboyant, majestic and a best splitter the world has ever had so far is an African. CASTER give them ( IAAF) back there medals. there is more to life. IAAF to hell and i dont care, COZ this is a psychological torture to lady Caster Semenya.


  5. I don’t believe this was done because of racism. SImply put, she seems to have the attributes of a man. These tests have been performed in the past. Many of the people tested were white as far back as a Polish woman in the 1930s.


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