Between Obama, Ghana and Nigeria

Between Obama, Ghana and Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

I have no problems with Obama going to Ghana. My problem is the hypocritical stance of the US government. Democracy is on a strong footing in Ghana. Ghana is a model of good governance and Ghana might as well (to some extent) represent some of the hopes that we have for Africa. Therefore this visit to Ghana is in order.

However I will like to take Obama to task on some issues that affects Nigeria. There are serious allegations against Obama’s United States that the US is a major contributor to the corruption and bad leadership in Nigeria. Nigeria is a leading producer of crude oil and the United States has been implicated in the crises rocking the Nigerian corrupt government and the genocides that have been perpetrated in the Niger Delta.

I want Mr. Obama the president of the United States to take these allegations seriously because if he is not going to Nigeria, it might perhaps also be as a result of the shame resulting from the activities and the role of the United States in the government of Nigeria and the Niger Delta oil crises.

In 1993, Nigeria conducted the best election in her history. The winner of that election was denied of his mandate. As a matter of historical fact MKO Abiola, the winner of that election was killed in prison when he received visitors from Obama’s United States. It remains a mystery why such an act was committed in the presence of the representatives of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was the president of the United States and our own president-in-waiting died when delegates from Bill were visiting.

I will like Mr. Obama to respond to the situation. Let him take a look at the history books and also a run through the list of the United States delegate. What is America’s story in the death of the hope of millions of Nigeria-MKO Abiola? Former Nigerian military gangster Abdusalami Abubakar was charged to court for this murder. Was he standing trial then on behalf of the US? President Obama should tell us what happened.

There is an allegation that the US always support any presidential candidate in Nigeria who will oppress the people if necessary just to ensure that the oil quota that goes to the US from the Niger Delta remain constant or that such a candidate promises a prospect of increase. Nigeria’s former dictator wiped out en entire community for the sake of the black gold and the US or the UN does not see that as a crime against humanity. The US did not press for the trial of Gen Obasanjo. Instead Gen Obasanjo was rewarded with a UN job to Congo. What a world!

This year, Mr Yar’ Adua who was selected as Nigeria’s leader 2007 in the worst election ever in human history has also committed genocide in the same Niger Delta region. The British and the US have not condemned such act. In fact Britain through Gordon Brown is a major arms supplier to Yar’Adua. Yar Adua had committed genocide and he is killing civilians including women and children. Mr. Obama has never condemned the genocide and Gordon Brown will rather talk about Mugabe.

The US was very slow to codemn the elections that brought Yar’Adua to power because they know that he is there to protect their interest in the Niger Delta. George Bush wanted the US marine in the Delta, almost setting up an African center. American interest in Nigeria is primarily the oil and not the welfare of the people.

Really, I don’t blame the United States at all. In my native language, we say that if the wall if not open, the lizard will not find a space to hide. Nigeria is a corrupt country no doubt and the rulers are just there to line their stomach and pockets. These notorious acts serve any imperialist perfectly. They need block heads and looters to sustain their own interests.

Therefore Mr. Obama should go to Ghana in peace and stop telling us why he is going to Ghana. The US can siphon our oil and give aids to Ghana. Nigeria does not need aid!! Ten Nigerian politicians can give 20 billion US dollars to Africa. With people like Babangida, Yar Adua, Obasanjo, Odili, Ibori, Anenih, Tafa Balogun, Gbenga Daniels, Bukola Saraki, Dimeji Bankole and David Mark just to mention a few, 20 billion dollars is a piece of cake in Nigeria!

Obama should watch out for Nigeria politicians in Ghana, they may be approaching him with loads of Ghana-must-go bags! They will surely contain dollars enough to entice Obama to Nigeria as early as next week.
My pain is that with 140m people, only a few hundred gangsters have taken us into perpetual slavery. When illegitimate and corrupt governments in Nigeria are backed by the British and the United States, the Nigerian masses are invariably helpless.

The destiny of Nigeria lies in the hands of Nigerians.

6 thoughts on “Between Obama, Ghana and Nigeria

  1. imho, Obama’s Ghana visit has very little to do with democratic models and more to do with the fact that Ghana has discovered potentially massive untapped reserves of guess what? … Oil!


    • I’m sick of hearing what the WEST is doing to Africa, we are doing it to ourselves. All of our politicians are very educated individuals, who know that 2+2 = 4. If it is their desire to lift the country of Africa to new fruitful grounds it is possible. We as West Africans have worked hard to build our country. The only ones killing our people is us…. Not Obama. One man can not destroy a nation.


  2. Tidjani,

    you are spot on. Now that Ghana has discovered some oil, she has become the new bride to be plundered and exploited. Mr. Obama should stop deceiving the world by sending false signals-his visit is not connected to democracy and who is Obama to “reward” Africa with a visit?


  3. The visit of Obama to Ghana was all about new oil exploration. Ghana will soon become like Nigeria. Which country is this world would accept the kind of human degradation found in Niger Delta today? When Niger Delta indigens fight for their rights, they are termed rebels. Today, they live with no clean water, no farm to cultivate because of oil spillage from the oil companies. The oil companies backed by the Western powers have carefully silenced the Nigerian government. Election or no election, the people they select rule Nigeria by all means. I pity my neighbours. Soon, they wouldn’t know what hit them. It happened to us and we are still trying to understand. We are strangers in our own land.


  4. Some excellent points you raise in this post particular the US support of successive Nigerian repressive leadership and the potential of Ghana’s military / militant free oil to boost the US needs.


  5. I’m going to take an opposite view here. I believe that President Obama went to Ghana because it seems to be the only country in Africa that has its head on straight. He didn’t ‘gift’ Africa with a visit; he’s already been here at least 3 times, before his presidency. Unfortunately, he has inherited the problems of the president before him – Bush – and it seems to me that you all are making the same mistake that many anti-Obama ppl in the U.S. are making:

    How on earth is Obama supposed to tackle every single problem thrown at him? He’s only been president for 6 months; how about we let him handle his own country first, and then he can worry about “Western-backed” corruption in Nigeria. This is exactly what he was talking about. Sure, the West may have a hand in the downfall in many African nations, but who are the ones that took that hand? Our governments. Does the West have to condemn an election for something to be done about it? No!

    The UN is around to make sure countries keep themselves in check by rather weak forms of censure, but they shouldn’t have to continually save Africa. The West has messed us up, but it’s time we save ourselves. Nigeria is exploiting Nigeria, not any other country.


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