Breaking News:U.K. group to blacklist BA over ill-treatment

From the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper: Tuesday 29 April 2008.

Following the outcry generated by the inhumane treatment meted to some Nigerians aboard a British Airways (BA) flight last month, the foremost African charity campaigning against the abuse of African children in the United Kingdom, Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA), has said it will never allow its staff to fly on any BA flights, until the airline stops the ill-treatment of deportees on its flights.

Speaking to The Guardian on Tuesday, AFRUCA’s Director, Debbie Ariyo said: “Even though we don’t use BA often and do not usually spend more than �5,000 flying with them every year, but they will never get anything from us again.” Ariyo also stated that AFRUCA would encourage its partners and supporters to take a similar stand. “We’re targeting only 60 people and even if it’s just a little, we will deny BA of that money.” In a separate press statement, AFRUCA also highlighted the plight of deportees who were trafficked away from their countries.

For more information, visit the Guardian Newspaper on wednesday 30th April.

UK Group to blacklist BA

5 thoughts on “Breaking News:U.K. group to blacklist BA over ill-treatment

  1. Dear All,
    Whilst I recognise the freedom of choice, I reserve my right to exercise my Choice not to fly BA until they stop the inhumane ac t of treating passengers, particularly from Nigeria with disdain. Aferall, they did not pay thier fares with Aid or grant. God so good Nigerian passengers have other Airlines they can use.


  2. Thankfully, we now have choices apart from BA to fly us direct to the UK. We have Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Nigeria. BA no longer has the monopoly on the route that they used to enjoy. Boycotting BA should not be a hard thing to do. Lets!!! PLEASE!!!!!


  3. Yes we should express our resentment and boycot British Airways flights! Im all for it. But Nigerians should also learn to behave like civilized people especially when we are outside our country.

    Its common sight to see our people behaving like hooligans at the slightest provocation.


  4. institutonal racism,thats what is called.those of us in the uk we aspirience it on a daily basis.i,ll indulge all naija both home and abroad to boycutt the ba airline. the ealier the english people understands that the world is far too independent the better for them if they believe they can do without foreigners,i laugh at them.
    because without foreigners the uk economy is i employ the british govt to condemn this shameful disgrace on the side of the country.and set up a full investigation to what really happened.


  5. Britain seem not yet satisfied with their coloninization, enslavement and degradation of Nigeria and Nigerians. It will be unfair to allow them continue this scourge, hence I dont see it enough boycotting BA, the airline should be made to pay dearly for this evil or stopped from flying the Nigeria route.


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