Bloggers Unite for Human Rights As Nigerians Boycott British Airways

Adeola Aderounmu, May 15 2008.

Bloggers from around the world are focusing on Human Rights today May 15th.

Bloggers Unite For Human Rights

Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

This day also coincide with the start of the TOTAL BOYCOTT of British Airways Flights/ Services by thousands of Nigerians from around the world.

BA does not respect Nigerians.

BA maltreats Nigerian passengers.

British Airways recently mis-use the power of the British Police to evict more than 130 Nigerians from a Lagos bound flight.

Read about the entire story HERE


Adeola Aderounmu.

Boycott British Airways. We can do with one “less” airline. Nigerians are very respectful and hardworking people and they deserve to be respected.

British Airways does not respect Nigerians. Join this campaign and co-opt everyone that you know. BA makes a “hell” of money from Nigerians, they should learn to respect Nigerians.


4 717 Nigerians sign Petition Against British Airways

By Adeola Aderounmu.

It is very certain now that BA has definitely lost some customers. 3, 916 Nigerians have signed the petition at The Nigerian Village Square

Not everyone of these people fly BA but add these numbers to families, friends and relations, the message is clear-BA MUST APOLOGISE.

That useless and worthless message released in Nigeria by “somebody” is rubbish. That is not an apology. That one is Absolute nonsense. It’s not worth this page, lai lai!!!

Breaking News:U.K. group to blacklist BA over ill-treatment

From the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper: Tuesday 29 April 2008.

Following the outcry generated by the inhumane treatment meted to some Nigerians aboard a British Airways (BA) flight last month, the foremost African charity campaigning against the abuse of African children in the United Kingdom, Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA), has said it will never allow its staff to fly on any BA flights, until the airline stops the ill-treatment of deportees on its flights.

Speaking to The Guardian on Tuesday, AFRUCA’s Director, Debbie Ariyo said: “Even though we don’t use BA often and do not usually spend more than �5,000 flying with them every year, but they will never get anything from us again.” Ariyo also stated that AFRUCA would encourage its partners and supporters to take a similar stand. “We’re targeting only 60 people and even if it’s just a little, we will deny BA of that money.” In a separate press statement, AFRUCA also highlighted the plight of deportees who were trafficked away from their countries.

For more information, visit the Guardian Newspaper on wednesday 30th April.

UK Group to blacklist BA