Odinga In Nigeria, Meets Obasanjo (From Nigerian Guardian)

Kenyans are trying to forge a way forward in their democratic dispensation. Odinga flew into Nigeria to meet Obasanjo. Here is a report written by the Guardian of Nigeria.


Odinga in Nigeria, meets Obasanjo

Why is Odinga meeting Obasanjo?

Obasanjo supervised the worst election in our history as Nigerians. He perpetrated crimes similar to what Kibaki did last december in Kenya.

Obasanjo is an enemy of democratic processes and it was people like him that squandered the hope of the realisation of the mandate of the June 12 1993 presidential election believed to have been won by late MKO Abiola.

I don’t understand the need for this kind of meeting but I know that African leaders are very insincere bunch of people. They are selfish and egoistic.

I think Kenya’s problems are bigger and more serious than I’d been thinking. Odinga is definitely at the wrong place at the wrong time by meeting a man who installed an illegitimate government in Nigeria.



NB: I have not endorsed Odinga as a better person than Kibaki. I don’t know him from Adam. But I know that the last election in Kenya were absolute farce.

I am just surprised that Odinga came to a man like Obasanjo. It shows that Kenya has a very big problem on their hands.

One thought on “Odinga In Nigeria, Meets Obasanjo (From Nigerian Guardian)

  1. No disrespect, but I think you need to be a Kenyan on the ground to comment on who is killing whom.

    Odinga’s group ODM has been acuused by Human Rights Watch and numerous world bodies as being complicit in the ongoing genocide.

    Not only did Odinga’s group plan the genocide, but they executed it. Maybe YOU need to live in Kenya to know this.

    How would you feel if an East African said Abacha was the saviour of Nigeria and most wonderful president you have had?


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