David Mark and all the stolen mandates

By Adeola Aderounmu.

The useless and worthless selection that brought David Mark to the Senate has been annuled.

See: BBC

See also: Nigeria Village Square

The real issue is that there was no election in Nigeria in 2007. It was Obasanjo and Iwu who used their positions to impose candidates on 140m others.

The selection process remains the worst in the history of mankind.

On tuesday the 26th of Feb, many Nigerians anticipate that Yar Adua will be sent packing to Katsina. It is up to the judiciary to decide, so, we’ll wait and see what they come up with.

The lesson for Nigerians is that we MUST learn how to do things properly and in the right way. What is wrong with Nigerians? Why can’t we conduct a decent and normal election? We did it in 1993, we can do it again!

By the way, I really hope David Mark does not win the appeal or re-election. This is one of the men who looted our National treasury. He looted as a military governor and as the Minister of Communication.

He should be told to refund all the monies he stole and I hope the police will investigate him and hand him over to the court of law.

Let him and people like him answer for their negligence, looting and the destruction of Nigeria. He has no business in the Senate!

One thought on “David Mark and all the stolen mandates

  1. Yes, the self election process was really a show of shame and everyone is definitely pleased that the judiciary could the so many ills of the Obasanjo’s ochestrated coup plot.

    Its only a pity that the man who made all this possible might have to step aside. In anycase, from the pool of opinions I have gathered, if the presidential elections are rerun, even under the farest atmosphere, the Rule-of-Law man will come out with a much greater winning margin.

    I see a situation where those contesting the April 14, pools will concede to Yar Adua as a concensus candidate. For now its only a being a battle of the conscience.


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