A typical Nigerian 419er: Nuhu Aliyu’s shameful acts

By Adeola Aderounmu.   

Those who are hoping to hear the names of the fraudsters in the National Assembly or in the House of Reps have been fooled. In Nigerian politics, all the politicians are fraudsters. This is why I was confused when one Nuhu Aliyu threatened that he would name some 419ers in the Nigerian lawmaking assemblies.    

On what moral ground would Nuhu have been making such a disclosure when all that we know about Nigerian politics is dirtiness and insanity? The governance itself headed by Umaru remains illegitimate and questionable. Was it not 419 to swear in a president without an election? What votes were counted that resulted in the emergence of all the lawmakers from all the 36 states of the Federation?    

What a shame indeed! Nuhu is now the one apologizing to his brothers and sisters-in-crime for his act of bravado. He wrote a letter in which he referred to himself and all the fraudsters alike as members of the same family. This is the truth anyway, I can take that. Members of the same family and in fact birds of the same feather.    

Nuhu’s lawyers have now told him that he cannot accuse anyone of being a 419er unless the court of law says so. What was he thinking before he dropped the bombshell in the House last week? Did reasoning depart from him at that time? Of course not!    

What has happened is that some behind the scenes manipulations have taken place. I can only imagine that there are other people who know about his own dirty secrets and involvements in the destruction of Nigeria. Those people are also ready to reveal his shady dealings in the police to the glare of the public.    

In addition, one cannot rule out the possibility of the threat to his life by some of the 419ers and their accomplices. One can assume that this threat may have been extended to his friends and family. With a den of killers like the PDP, you don’t want to mess around in Nigeria’s arena of politics.    

With a very useless letter addressed to the persons like Umaru and David Mark, the shamefulness of the act becomes pathetic. But the mistake made here is that this letter is an attempt to end the controversy and sweep the case under the carpet. These men are all jokers. How could they have forgotten soon that the Nigerian media will not allow them to rest on this one?    

The people may be voiceless and resilient but sometimes they have been propelled by the media and certain voices of reasoning to leave clear indicators as to the limit of acceptance of mad acts. Though we are still battling with the illegal regime of Umaru, Patricia Etteh’s saga remains a victory for the masses and the media. We are aware that our fight against corruption have not yielded expected positive outcomes, but our knowledge and understanding of the unfolding revelations in recent months have helped to enlightened us on the nature of the real evil. The Supreme Court decisions, popular and unpopular, are mild approaches to the nature of the changes that may come.   

In any case, Nuhu’s outburst and shameful withdrawal are clear examples of what the politicians take us for. The people are fools, just tell them it was a slip of tongue and let’s move on with business as usual, abi na their papa or mama vote for you? No be we arrange you to come this house? We no send you here to come put sandsand for other people garri. Chop your own make you comot. Infact, clean your mouth on your way out! Hun! Na so we dey do things here. Make you no come play super ex-cop for here at all. Wey your name sake Ribadu today?   

Tomorrow, somebody will come and tell us that Nuhu Aliyu should not have made such a reckless statement in the House. They will tell us that there are due processes and the rule of law. What they will not tell us is that that is the last we shall hear of the controversy or claims. There are so many National cases and scandals that are pending or forgotten. Why? Because we always move on with our lives! Because we have extremely short memories! Because as a people we are not sincere! Because majority of Nigerians who are critics and writers are waiting for opportunities to scrape from the corridors of power from the level of the local government to Abuja.   

Nigeria remains in a serious dilemma. Other nations are making progress and building on what they have. We have refused to make progress and we continue to destroy every fragment of our society and country. If Nuhu cannot reveal the 419ers in the House, shame on him. For real, shame on the useless National House of Assembly! Shame on the House of Representatives! Shame on Umaru’s clumsy approaches! One thing cannot be overrule and that is the fact that all these people were not elected. They were selected in the notoriously evil wuruwuru dictatorial arrangements. They have not disappointed me by their actions. Afterall, it is business as usual. Carry go!  

2 thoughts on “A typical Nigerian 419er: Nuhu Aliyu’s shameful acts

  1. What do you expect?
    Like i did pose in my discourse, where are the Gani’s of Nigeria?
    Who can take Nuhu to court for us and compel him to mention the names?
    Abi, has Gani been sorted with his SAN?
    Who will bell the fat cats in the senate?


  2. I am in constant communication with scammers. I am retired so I have plenty of time. I find it hilarious how they all believe that I am interested in their ridiculous proposals. It seems that these scammers have never been to school as thier English spelling and grammar are very poor. I cannot see how 419 still floursihes. You would think that with the heightended awareness of identity theft people would be more cautious to get involved in such a thing. Really, the way some of these 419 emails are worded….its like a joke. Down with 419!


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