The Western Press and Barbarism in Kenya

Adeola Aderounmu.

Indeed, there are troubles in many places around the world but the pictures and footages one gets to see from Kenya are very barbaric.

Front pages of newspapers around the world and video recordings from CNN and BBC are showing scenes that are absolutely unpalatable.

Men and women with different stone-age weapons and cutlasses/matchets. Burnt cars, Burnt houses, Burnt churches and many other tasteless images.

This is the image of Africa that we are trying hard to eradicate/correct yet it is what has been brought to the front by Kenya.

The people of Kenya are just too happy to show off these useless weapons and to display violence in the full glare of foreign journalists. What positive things can be achieved through these displays of barbarism?

I am not saying that Kenyas should carry guns or SMG instead of cutlass. Either way, the unneccessary killings going on in Kenya cannot be justified.

The madness on display goes a long way to show the types of leaders that rule in Africa. The 2 leaders involved in this trouble are enjoying themselves in comfort zones while the people continue to capitalize on tribal inclinations to eliminate one another. Again, this is completely avoidable.

The fact remains that Kenyans are trapped in a conflict in which they are seeking emancipation, justice and fairness but the price of paying with innocent lives is really taking too much.

The ease with which the ugly pictures and footages are shown on western media is not unexpected. It is their thing-to show the ugliest things from Africa and always never interested in the positive things.

Already there are people raising money around the world to help displaced people in Kenya. How much of these monies eventually get to Kenya or to those who needed them? Moments like this are used by fraudsters to rip people of “sympathy funds” which has no impact on the carnage going on at another place.

One hopes that the people of Kenya (with or without the selfish leadership) will find a reason to stop the killing of brothers and sisters. To continue to do that in this age and century is the climax of barbarism.

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