A Tragedy called Lagos

Adeola Aderounmu.

I ran into this piece (Nigeria: We have lost the plot)
on the Nigeria Village Square

I decided to re-post it here and I hope the author is not mad at me for not asking his permission.

Sometimes some idiots come to my blog to say that I am writing rubbish about Nigeria.

Some people are just so afraid of the truth that they will tell you that shit is pizza.

For anyone who cares to know, there are problems in Lagos and in Nigeria generally.

For all I care more than 98% of Nigerian politicians are thieves and pure looters. They spread poverty and make it an acceptable way of life.

More than 70% of Nigerians live in abject poverty. Some people put the figure at 90% or more.

Nigeria is not a true giant in Africa. All that expression is absolute illusion.

Take a trip round Nigeria or simply look at the pictures in the link-essay I pasted above.


Credit goes to Chidi Anyaeche for the pictures and the reason to add this post to my blog.

4 thoughts on “A Tragedy called Lagos

  1. Refined one, what a funny question. If you want to know my solutions, you have to go read all the entries in my blog for a start. You will find a few tips after reading all the entries.Then you will also have to go to the Nigeria Village Square to also read all my essays, there you will also find a number of solutions.

    THEN, you will go to Nigeria and open the constitution and read the contents to the idiots who are just looting and stealing in Nigeria.

    Tell them to do what is in the constitution or to do what each of their office/position stipulates.

    Then you will find the solution!!!

    Any more ridiculous question?


  2. why so offensive….I have never been to blog before or read any of your comments… I am just tried of hearing people make a long list of what is wrong with Nigeria and not back it with a solution…

    I dont believe it is a ridiculose question…

    Granted you have written many an eassy on the topic….
    I would like to add one more to you many solutions…

    We should learn how to dialouge and not take things so personal and become so defencive and even abusive.
    You dont know me or my opinions about Nigeria , the way its run or even how invovled I may be, so before you react ….ask (which was what i did)

    ….Now I’ll go read up your essay on solutions.


  3. Adeola, I have to side with Refined One on this issue. You have to admit that it is fair for your readers to ask you questions even if the questions are curt and short.

    I have never met Refined One, but after speaking with someone that has had the priviledge of becoming her acquaintance, I have come to understand that like you, she is also frustrated by the slow progress that is Nigeria. She does what she can in her own way to make change. Something tells me that if the two of you had an opportunity to talk, you would probably inspire each other.

    And if I may speak on behalf of Adeola (not that he gave me permission to, so please forgive my forwardness), Adeola has been the target of some seriously harsh criticism over the past few weeks and might be in defense mode. Nigerian wahala is enough to raise anybody’s blood pressure and cause good meaning people to go at one another from time to time. But my brother and my sister, please let us not forget that at the end of the day, we only have each other to rely on and must manage to develop ties that bind.

    Okay, my peacemaker speech is over. Happy Holidays to you Adeolu. And, in case you read this, Refined One, Merry Xmas to you. How has life back in Nigeria been for you? I hope all is well with your fam. God bless to you all.


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