EFCC, Spread the dragnet and don’t stop this Rhythm!

By Adeola Aderounmu

The arrest of James Ibori is a step forward in the fight against corruption in Nigeria. Corruption is the biggest obstacle to our development. Along with corruption is greed which leaves us with a combined vicious unit responsible for several retrogressive inclinations on which our society precariously rest upon. Once again, panic would have been running in the minds of those who have been stealing our money in Nigeria and those who are stealing at this moment. They know that they could be called upon when the smelly veil of immunity over their heads is gone.

Beyond this however, honest Nigerians want to see the successful prosecution of the likes of Ibori. We want them to answer and fully too to the crimes that they have comitted against their fellow humans who they subjected to abject poverty and penury by their reckless attitudes. In the course of the looting of our common treasury and neglecting the call of duties and the service to humanity, Ibori and others sent many people to their early graves through accidents, hunger and preventable calamities. Being granted a bail should not be the end of a trial! Honest Nigerians want to see that justice is done in the end.

I keep emphasizing honest Nigerian because it is so clear to me now that honesty is a rare human trait in Nigeria. I am so amazed how people have started aligning themselves to certain heroes in Nigeria in recent commentaries. To some, Babangida is a hero, to others Obasanjo is the hero. Atiku is a hero to some Nigerians; Orji Uzor Kalu is a mentor to many even to some Nigerians in the diaspora. Morerice Iwu must have his followership too by now. Many people will regard Anenih as their own hero while Tinubu must feel elated among the area boys of Nigeria. The likes of Bode George are heroes to many people as well. People have come to the public to tell us that Andy Uba is their hero and paymaster. This list of Nigerian heroes cannot be exhausted in this piece but if we don’t stop this parade of hungry journalism one day soon a Nigerian will go to CNN and tell the world that in Nigeria, shit is pizza. I am stunned!

Then, I return to EFCC. My appeal to EFCC is to make sure that the music which started to play again yesterday (on the 12th day of Christmas month) should be a non-stop music. Dust your record plates and pick up all those files. Look thoroughly once again and never stop this music. Honest Nigerians are behind you as you make this historic cleansing of Nigeria a task that must be done. You know the names of our heroes; please do all you can to award them the investigation and prosecution that they deserve.

On the 12th day of December 2009, I want to be the first to declare Nigeria a corrupt free society. I long for that day so much. My conviction is that this is possible if the music is not interrupted by you and your detractors. If the record cracks, please buy a new one. If the files get dirty, please clean them. Let this be the beginning of the end for those who have been looting our common wealth. Fear not! Honest Nigerians are with you.

The Coalition against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) came to your office recently in broad day light to make a very humble request. They wanted you to arrest and investigate Obasanjo. I don’t think they are asking too much. It sounds like a tall order but it is within the scope of your obligations. CACOL gave you a description of the man Aremu so that you are not mistaken about who they are talking about. Please play the music to Ota. Honest Nigerians are behind you. I mean those Nigerians who are not paid to write on who should be investigated and who should not be talked about of the pages of newspaper and web pages. I mean those Nigerians who worked for 35 years but whose pension were swallowed by certain greedy and heartless fellows.
EFCC, I am one of those who have called you a toothless bulldog and I will do that again if this music stops without bringing all the conspicuous thieves and looters in Nigerian unto the dancing floor. They must dance! Play the music louder. Let it be heard in Lagos, in Minna (where IBB lives), in Port Harcourt, in Katsina, in Maiduguri, in Yobe. Let it spread to the mountains, and let it penetrate into the valleys. Those who have no immunity should have no hiding place. Let us see the face of those who betrayed our children by spreading darkness and hopelessness mightily.

You have to re-open the files of all those who are now on bail and those whom you gave undesired leave after plea bargaining. The bargain is not enough. It is good that they return part of the money BUT we want ALL of it and we want them to be punished for the crimes that they have committed. Let the law take its full course on every man! We want to set permanent examples to upcoming looters and sycophants. There is no better time than now. Let us end corruption or bring it to the least possible level so that we can have economic growth, sound development and solid foundation for the building of a deserved future that our children can benefit from. Let us forget about ourselves for once and do all we do in the name of those who are coming after now. A nation always belongs to the future that is coming to inherit it. Let this man Ibori not go back to the streets parading and celebrating that his enemies were after him!

Spread and extend your dragnet and Don’t stop the music please! Honest Nigerians are with you!

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