Fighting in the Lower House…eh eh!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Ole!, Ole! (Thief! Thief!).

This is what is going on in a house where people are supposed to be making laws and seeing to the welfare of the Nation.

Sometimes, I wonder….where are all the intelligent minds? Do we really have good products from our schools and Universities?

In Nigeria, politicians have no shame. They don’t quit in the face of scandal. They rough it through thick and thin. They must steal at all/any cost and get away with it.

In some other countries, politicians will commit suicide or resign when their shameful deeds become public knowlegde. Those who are prosecuted go to jail.

What would it take to bring a legitimate government to Nigeria?

What would it take to make a man or woman resign after stealing public funds?

What is the meaning of shame sef

With ridiculous shameless tropical gangsters in power…this is what we get-Madness in high places.

3 thoughts on “Fighting in the Lower House…eh eh!

  1. I pray and hope that we will make progress in Nigeria. A country with no plans and strategy despite our vast human and natural resources. Political positions is an opportunity to steal and loot, all to the detriment of the nation. Millions of questions to ask. When will this end? Thy glory o Nigeria!


  2. Hello Mythum! You are 100% right. Leadership is all about servanthood attribute. Today, what we see in this world is SELF-CENTERED attribute. It has been tagged ‘civilized way of thinking’ Will corruption ever end?


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