Set a thief to help a thief!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Stealing Drama is unfolding in Nigeria.

The majority of the masses in Nigeria are still suffering. Power supply has not improved, water is not yet flowing in our homes, the roads have not been repaired, the children are still angry at the failures of their parents and the general conditions of living is still very pathetic.

The first female speaker in Nigeria has turned out to be a very big disappointment to the hard working mothers in Nigeria. One way or the other, she and her sponsors have turned to the usual dirty politics and old tricks in Nigeria.

It looks like in this illegitimate government, everybody is a thief afterall. Still, there is no Nigerian politician with a sense of decency. It would have been nice to see only one man or woman demonstrating and insisting that Madam Patricia should resign or be sacked. No voice has been heard in public! Not one!

Instead, indications are emerging that will justify how 628 million naira can be used to refurbish or rebuild a house. This is Nigeria, our beloved country!

Where is shame in our dictionary? Where is decency in public offices? Who cares?

“Let the people suffer first while I put my house in order. I am the Speaker and I want the best house and the best cars. Did anyone vote for me? Was it not Baba that approved my position? I will fight this allegation to the last. I will lobby and negotiate my way out. The people before me got away with their mess, why shouldn’t I? ” When I have finished decorating my house and building 36 houses across the country, then I will start attending to legislative matters! Right now, I am busy and on course…”

These people are just crazy. When they die, I want all their houses and cars to be buried with them. If they cannot take their houses and cars with them, they are eternally stupid.

Nigerians are soft to the core, would it be worng if 1 million out of 140 million demonstrate against this vice.

Please Madam, go back to your village or to your old business, stop stealing our money. Go away. If you can steal 628 million in 100 days, how much will you steal in 1000 days? You are destroying the lives of the unborn generation!

Illegitimate government, pack your loads and go! Thieves!