Statistics Made Easy by Okiro

Adeola Aderounmu.

Half truths and blatant lies have ruined this country beyond comprehensible imagination. According to Mike Okiro, here are some figures that make Nigeria one of the safest countries in the world.In 3 months;

  • 1 628 armed robbery suspects arrested
  • 785 armed robbers killed in gun duels
  • 62 Policemen died in the line of duty
  • 1 582 arms recovered
  • 6 514 ammunition recovered
  • 242 stolen vehicles recovered

Mr. Okiro stated that his mission for the Nigerian Police is to bequeath to the country a people’s police that is friendly in outlook, efficient in service delivery and nurtured by a well motivated and dedicated workforce. Nicely stated! Mr. Okiro, well done for reciting a famous line.

By Nigerian context, it is arguable the figures presented by Okiro are unreal. Sixty-two officially dead policemen (ignoring women) can mean 620 for anyone who knows the difference between official figures and eye-witness accounts of incidents in Nigeria.  Mr. Okiro cannot be blamed for the infamous reputation of the Nigerian Police; neither does the blame or buck for the wave of armed robbery stopped at his doorstep. The problem with the Nigerian Police is very well connected to the Nigerian factor. Simply, the way we do many things in Nigeria is wrong. Our priorities are not well defined or they are simply misplaced.

Instead of coming to the public to awash the image of the Nigerian Police, Mr. Okiro would have done a better job by keeping quiet and then working behind the scene to re-structure the police in such a way that the public will see a motivated and dedicated police force in action (and not in empty words). The Nigerian Police should be well equipped to meet the challenges posed by the increase in crime in the country and the sophistication of the robbers. The police should upgrade with immediate effect. By all or any standard, the target should be to make the Police the most sophisticated security outfit within Nigeria. This is the only way to transfer the fear in the mind of the police to the armed robbers.  

In order to help Okiro with his job, other aspects of our lives should be critically examined. Among others, the goal will include to create jobs and employment opportunities for the youth and graduates. In a system where thousands of people in the human resources category are jobless or misplaced, the fight against crime cannot be won. Until such a time that crime will be the pastime of the socially deficient or misfits only, these figures presented by Mike Okiro can only be expected to rise.

Finally, Mr. Okiro will have to employ a statistician in the office of the AIG. The figures presented by Mr. Okiro are very significant statistically and they cannot be used to classify Nigeria as one of the safest countries in the world. Indeed, it will take more than a day’s job to change the face of the Nigerian Police from the type that requires 20 naira as a proof of life.

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon!

    5 thoughts on “Statistics Made Easy by Okiro

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    2. Please don’t blame Mike Okiro. He has to make a statement, and usually, if someone does not know what to say in a situation, he/she will just say anything that comes to mind.

      here is my analysis:
      62 Policement died in the line of duty:
      – A moment of silence for these 62, but this definitely does not make Nigeria safe. If these were those who didn’t run for their lives, if these were those who had amunition and guns to shoot back at the armed robbers, should those who ran away from armed robbers still be in the force? How about the Police-loot that was hidden inside a TV sometime ago? What happened to the money and the officer. Should those police-men accomplices with armed robbers still be in the force? Why are they still in the force?

      Dear sir: Please, how many police-men are in jail for being accomplices to crime? We need to see their pictures.

      Do we have 62-widows of policemen who are happy that the police-force have done their best to avenge the death of their spouses, and compensate financially for their loss? If you are a police-man’s wife, you are on your own.

      1,628 armed robbery suspects arrested:
      In the Nigeria of today where everybody is a suspect; in the Nigeria of today whereby the accuser bribes the policeman and an innocent man becomes the ‘accused’….I think the number should be more than this. How about those who have god-fathers and were not arrested in the first place., but yet committed the crime. Have all the robbery suspects and murder suspects in the Oyo state been arrested. We definitely know who the god-fathers are.

      How about those who were not armed and still committed robberies. Our politicians, millions here and there. Have they been arrested?. No. They are still driving their jeeps all around town.

      785 armed robbers killed in gun duels:
      – considering that in Nigeria, you don’t have to hold a gun to be accused as an armed robber(it depends on the report of the policeman). You don’t even have to shoot at the police. If someone is angry with you, all one has to do is to go report at the nearest police-station, that you are an armed robber, and you’ll be arrested, detained, and God save you if you don’t land in jail, all because of a misunderstanding with a neighbor – but lo and behold, you are not an armed robber. The police-man won’t ask you what you even did. And how many Nigerians were shot by mistake and labelled armed robbers. Were they really robbers?

      1,582 arms recovered:
      – Where are these arms? they are back in the arms of more-responsible armed robbers.
      – Where are these arms? they have been sold to the gala boys who sell gala on 3rd mainland bridge by 8pm even amidst a heavy rainfall. These arms are in the hands of Apongbon CMS boys who are feared the police.
      – where are these arms? Mike and his boys can tell us better.

      6,514 ammunition recovered:
      – all the amunition recovered from armed robbers and robbery suspects have been given to police-men, since the police-financials were looted sometime ago, at least some policemen can now hold arms.
      – some of these arms also have been sold to current armed robbers.
      – some of these amunition are missing and the suspected thieves are the police guards who should have watched over them.

      242 stolen vehicles recovered:
      – imagine in the whole of Nigeria, 242 vehicles have been recovered. Since when. Is it that all the stolen vehicles are totally missing or that the police are not well equipped to identify and locate these vehicles. 90% of police officers only know how to raise up a gun and tell you to park well.

      They would rather strip search an innocent man, waste your time early in the morning, looking for what they didn’t keep inside your Mercedes Benz, telling you that they are just cross-checking, opening the engine, boot, looking under your seats, causing you embarrasment in the process and causing traffic in the middle of the highway – at the end, 3hours of your time gone early in the morning, they would hand you your papers back and say thank you sir. Should you try to argue with them, you’ll be labelled a suspect immediately. The best thing to do is just keep your cool, call your place of work that you’ll be very very very late. Meanwhile, they forget to see suspicious looking people loitering around them, calling and informing their gangs of where the next police-check point is. Even the armed robber, with a stolen vehicle had seen traffic up front and had taken a short-cut and another bend, avoided traffic and the policemen, and comes out using another route in front. Meanwhile you are still stuck with the strip search.


    3. I have followed Mike Okiro right from when he was in Lagos. He is used to telling blattant lies, instead of him to simply keeping quiet, he open his mouth and automatically lies flow from it, I think the Police PRO in Lagos is a fantastic student of his. Is it that they think that Nigerian are fools or do they think that we believe them ?
      They should stop talking, let’s a workable plan with effective implementation schedule, lets see action. I sincerely think that for as long as we play politics of thugery, it might be difficult to wipe off arm robbery. Are you suprised? what will the thug do after election? since his employer would have been employed at a level he can no longer need the service of the thugs. Remember what happen at Ibadan recently, Akala “snubbed” the boys and they resorted to stonning his convoy. Let the political class stop using thugs to intimidate opposition, let’s have a strong implementable plan to rehabilitate and productivily engage them. Nigeria O ni baje o!


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