Why a Naira is worth less than 15 cm of Toilet Roll

By Adeola Aderounmu.

No doubts, to battle corruption in Nigeria will be a huge task but not an impossible one. Kudos to the EFCC for even doing something at all. Something is better than nothing. Better late than never!

So, the current investigation and prosecution of some politicians who have contributed to our woes is a welcome development. This is something that should have started many years ago. That is, to prosecute all these thieves who call themselves leaders and politicians. Yeye people, agbayas!

However, we must await the verdicts of the courts in all the cases.

Left to me sha o, it is not enough to prosecute them or put them in jail. Another important thing is that they should give us back all the money that they have stolen or kept away in the banks in Nigeria and overseas. They must pay back to the last kobo. Stupid thieves, ole!

The other aspect is that, the people/governors been prosecuted right now are not even the first group of thieves in Nigeria. There are thousands of people who stole from us before these current bunches of thieves that we are now chasing and parading.

A lot of supporters to these thieves will see this case as purely vendetta.  For example, they will complain that it is because of crazy issues like; anti-third term agenda, worst election in history, election tribunal stuffs, personal ego boost, contract award within the presidency, sales of our refinery at a giveaway price and other yeye stories. There will be a lot of suggestions in the days ahead regarding those who are been prosecuted and why they are been selected for punishments.

No matter the suggestions, believe me, almost all Nigerian Politicians are thieves! My own wahala with this whole thing is that I don’t understand why some people cannot be prosecuted especially those who stole so much that they are probably richer than Nigeria herself. It is an open secret that some people in Nigeria are far richer than some countries in Africa and Europe.

For example, why haven’t we been able to prosecute the likes of Babangida? There is no statement of account yet for the more than 10 billion US dollars that Nigeria earned during the gulf war! But here we are chasing Kalu and Turaki. Why is Babangida untouchable? Is Nuhu Ribadu, along with his men, a coward?

All the deals that Obasanjo made in the last 2 weeks of his criminalized administration are questionable.  He is the greatest thief in the last 10 years. He stole more money than all these ants been paraded by EFCC. Somebody is not saying the truth! Is EFCC for chasing a few people? Of course, Obasanjo made Ribadu, so there is no way Ribadu and his men are going to unmake Obasanjo. This remains their ultimate task and challenge. We the masses are waiting. Babangida once dared Ribadu to prosecute him. He mentioned something like “he would tell Ribadu how he became EFCC chairman”. What is that secret between Ribadu and IBB that only Babangida knows? Who is fooling who?

Anenih-Transport ministry, Buhari-PTF, Atiku-PTDF, Obasanjo-Refineries and Transcorp and so on. These are the real thieves in Nigeria. The list is very long. One serving governor (Gbenga Daniels) is declaring more than 4 billion naira asset! Is that not madness? How did he get all these monies? It is not enough to declare assets in Nigeria; it should be stated how they got all these stolen wealth, line by line. I wonder if there is a state of the art hospital in Ogun state where one chicken is declaring 4 billion naira asset! Even the IPP is also from Ogun state! The other day it was common flood that inhibited his movement to Lagos. Shame!

I don’t know how the EFCC can possibly catch a big crazy fish by holding its tail. Why not hold the head, and firmly too. If you hold the head, believe me, the whole body of the fish will be under your control. A wise man seizes the fish by its head! This is how to fight corruption in Nigeria. Start from the top and be not afraid of anyone! Nigerians will line up behind you.

We want our money back, I have always insisted on this. We want to build this country for posterity; for our children and our children’s children. This shameless generation that we have known all our life time have rubbed their wastage on us.

Give us our money, all ye thieves who have been in the State Houses, Dodan Barrack and Aso rock. There should be no sacred cows in the Nigeria polity. Everyone is touchable. Believe me, nothing dey happen! As long as the right organs of governance are utilised. Bring them forward, one by one, let everyone come forward and defend their wealth. Ole!

There is nothing like: it is too late or let’s move the nation forward. These are expressions that have been used to drag the country backward. Now we are in the Stone Age (in the name of moving the nation forward). So much for forward! Common election, we cannot conduct with credibility! Census figures are still been doctored after how many years. What can we do right in Nigeria?

Let us stand well well wherever we are and make this fight and campaign against corruption a total one, once and for all. Anything short of a total eradication of corruption is worthless.

If all the 36 governors are guilty, bring them forward. Let them defend themselves. If Babangida is not willing to defend his wealth, why not prosecute him? If Obasanjo prefers to use the presidential jet for aiding money laundering, why should he be above the law? I heard he bought a new jet now. Wonders of corruption shall never end!

Double standards will ruin us the more. Corruption and greed is the root cause of our woes in Nigeria. It is the reason the value of a naira is worth less than a 15cm sheet of toilet roll.

If we stamp out corruption in the most sincere way, the Glory of Nigeria will come, now!

May the glory of Nigeria come, soon!

3 thoughts on “Why a Naira is worth less than 15 cm of Toilet Roll

  1. I have a slogan for Nigerians at home; DON’T GIVE AND DON’T TAKE BRIBES. Print it,paste it in the offices, on the high-ways, Bill-Boards, in your rooms, School, Universities, Hospitals, Buses, Cars, you name it, for a start.


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