Absence of common good:Re-published by Champion Newspaper

Adeola Aderounmu.

A good friend of mine wrote to me this morning to inform me about my published article in the Champion Newspaper. The message is the same. The title was a little bit different though.

 See article again Here: http://geocities.com/nigeriansinsweden/championarticle.htm

The article was also featured on allafrica.com here: http://allafrica.com/stories/200707180916.html

It is still very funny to me because I didn’t write to them. But I am so pleased in my heart. Nice job Champion Newspaper. Please go ahead and use more articles from here.

I am thinking now that the article is a classic because it has been published earlier by the Guardian newspaper on May 21.

See here: http://geocities.com/nigeriansinsweden/article2.htm

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon!

One thought on “Absence of common good:Re-published by Champion Newspaper

  1. True indeed. I cried when I read this master piece. I pray God continue to empower you. Th glory of Nigeia will come and I am much more determined to do my bit to save this Country from total collapse.


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