Osamuyia On BBC at Last!!! Thank Heaven!!!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Finally, perhaps after foot dragging or maybe because the Spanish envoy was “summoned” by the Nigerian House of Representatives, Osamuyia finally got into Global News. I understand it is even on Yahoo News. 

Why did it take this long???

But better late than Never sha.

If you are interested in the BBC Version, follow this link.



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The Spanish government should stop telling us that Osamuyia died of heart attack. Are they silly or what? Isn’t it obvious that Osamuyia was murdered? 

Is common sense not common to the people who rule Spain??? Where is their reasoning?

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon! 

One thought on “Osamuyia On BBC at Last!!! Thank Heaven!!!

  1. Hi Adeola,

    I am going to write a post in my blog concerning deportation flights in Europe. May I use one of the pictures you published about the protest at the Stockholm spanish embassy? Please contact me. Thank you.


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