Nigerian Leaders are fools!

By Adeola Aderounmu 

Imagine this shameful headline: Yar’Adua’s inauguration to cost N820m, says Nweke.

Isn’t this the apex of insanity. For heaven sake, there are people in Nigeria as at this moment who cannot have a single meal in a day! Some idiots are planning to spend almost a billion naira to swear in an illegitimate government. Wonders shall NEVER end in Nigeria. This country is run by mad men. This country is obviously sick.

One thing is sure, all Nigerians are to blame for this stupid acts played out by the useless leaders and politicians everyday. These Politicians are just CRAZY, they are insane. That money can fix one of the Federal Roads that have become death traps. It would possibly get water to some rural village or some deprived part of the city.

Someone should please explain to me why an inauguration should be conducted to usher in a bastard government when Obasanjo and Iwu should be preparing for their criminal trials.

Nigeria needs nothing short of something similar to the Orange Revolution. The time is over-riped.

Shameless Politicians. Thieves!

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