By  Adeola Aderounmu 

The most important thing about been a politician in Nigeria is that you must know how to steal from the public treasury from the moment that you assume office. Presidents, senators, governors, local government chairmen and so on, they are all literally pen robbers. If you show me one Nigerian politician who has not stolen from the treasury, then I will ask you to show me his or her assets on a timeline basis.  All have stolen and made do with public funds for themselves and their families and close friends. To be in any of the above positions in Nigeria does not require your intellectuality. In general, politicians as a group of people in Nigeria would probably represent the least intelligent people among the populace. The terrain of the Nigeria politics require such thugs, idiots and nonentities whose best skill is the do-or-die mentality and ability. If you are smart or intelligent, you chances are very remote unless you have combined your smartness with thuggery.  

The lobby for positions and contracts are on regarding the next dispensation. Ask yourself, can an illegitimate government beget good governance? Some Nigerians have spoken well of Yar Adua basically because of his simple life and the “no stain record” of the EFCC.  The EFFC happened to be the most misused organ of government in the Obasanjo regime. EFCC probably have good intentions to curb corruption but being directly under the presidency made it a tool for the oppression and suppression of the opposition. Personally, I cannot rely on the recommendations or findings of the EFCC as it were under Obj. It was a matter of he who pays the piper dictating the tune.  It seems that the dubious “election” will be allowed to stand after all. It is a BIG shame. Many Nigerians have forgotten already how Yar Adua became the president-elect. They have changed the tune to “he is better than the rest”.  My own brother even told me that the Bush Family set the example for rigging in Florida and that Nigeria will improve with time regarding election matters. Good argument, hun? I don’t like when people measure their successes or progresses with other people’s failures, it just doesn’t work. The parameters do not correlate. It takes you no where as a person or as a country. Perhaps, many people failed to see that elections in Nigeria always resulted in deaths, vandalism, assassinations, intimidations, massive rigging, obvious cheating and unacceptable disenfranchisement of the helpless citizenry. Is it wrong to right a wrong in Nigeria? Is it bad if we make progress and set good standards for ourselves?  

Some people have also argued that all Nigerians are the same. This means that they expect me to be a thief if I was a politician or if I get a political appointment. This is absolutely false. This mentality is a product of the tropical gansterism that has been displayed at the helm of office by idiots over the past years. It is possible to serve without stealing if you are not overridden by greed and corruption.  When I served as the president of the National Association of Zoology Students in University of Lagos in 1994/95 academic session, the members of the executive did not get any present or gifts at the awards night. I forgot to set aside any money for that purpose because I was busy thinking about how the entire student body would get a befitting dinner and end of year party. I apologized to the other members of the executive and we moved on with our lives and graduated. That was probably (or arguably) the first time in the history of any association that the exco will not give themselves anything. It was a privilege to serve with such honorable students. I will never forget. I will also not forget that I once called for a re-election in the University of Lagos Student Union Parliamentary In-House election.  I was given double set of voting papers. Indeed, there are intelligent minds that can take Nigeria forward. They just never get there!  

Is it not amazing that Nigeria is ranked among the poorest countries in the world.  Nigeria is still one of the most corrupt countries in the world as well. This makes Obj probably the most important thief in the last 8 years. We need to ask him why there are controversies with the foreign reserves less than 1 month to exit date. Why does he need the central bank governor to tell us that the foreign reserve is intact? Is it possible for obj and all the men with big pockets around him including Atiku to defend their wealth in the last 8 years?  The problem of corruption is not with the presidency only. The state governors and local government chairmen are all thieves. They steal Nigeria’s oil money and they lie to the people! It is a burdensome shame that EFCC is corrupt too! Who will cure who?  Politics as it is in Nigeria is a tragedy of modern times. People are already “fighting” over political appointment because it is a time for “reward” for all the thuggery and insanity of the pre-election and Election Day madness. It is a time to reap from the Nigeria Nation! “Our time to chop”! Some people are about to be “rewarded” because they put together more thugs than the others.  Zimbabwe rightfully or wrongfully is a child’s play as Nigeria is now the laughing stock of Africa. Shame to the politicians and all the people that have not allowed any ray of hope to beam on the future of Nigerian child! 

(To be continued)


  1. It is so sad that politics in Nigeria is a dirty game. also very sad that may politicians are nothing but theives in this country. They loot public funds for the betterment of their lives and that of their families. They are never satisfied with their salaries even when it is more than enough for them. it is also very sad that they cannot be held accountable for the finances that they expend. Yes Nigeria is rated one of the poorest countries, instead of politicians to work hand in hand in changing the situation instead they are busy looting funds. a time should come when we have responsible leaders who will take this country to positive heights.


  2. Politics has nothing but negativity attached to it in Nigeria. Politicians are busy embezzleing public funds instead of attending to their responsibilities. The EFCC is trying but who knows if it is controlled by OBJ. These politicians have to stop these their bad habits. They should be satisfied with their salaries and be more focused on taking this nation to greater heights.


  3. Corruption has rapidly circulated everywhere in this country, politics in this country is practised in the wrong way. Nigerian politics is now a game of come and eat your own. Politicians are busy looting funds instead of attending to their responsibilties. Politics should be practised the right way so that Nigeria can enjoy a sound political system.


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