Kaka, The Best Footballer Alive..

By Adeola Aderounmu

May I just take this moment of AC Milan’s glory to express my thoughts on my favourite hobby, football. Kaka, in my opinion, is the best footballer alive in the year 2006/2007. Ferguson was very partial and sentimental to tip C. Ronaldo.

Kaka plays a very purposeful football. He does not waste his time on irrelevant moves and unnecessary tactics. He has great moves and excellent tactics and he uses them as and when appropriate.

Ronaldinho and Robinho are still playing great football but this year has been a very good climax for Kaka. Gattuso is great in the defensive midfield.

Back to Kaka, he is the most consistent player alive. He is not one that have ocassional bursts of brilliance which is the hallmark of been a Manchester United Player. He is too consistent and almost too good to be true.

Thumbs up for Kaka. I hope that you will be crown as the best player. This is your time!


 AC Milan won the champions league. Thanks to 2 touches from Inzaghi but credits to the ingenuity of Kaka, the originator of the 2 goals. Kaka is a living legend! He is the best footballer in 2007. No doubts!

Congrats Kaka, Congrats AC Milano………

Updated again dec 18 2007:

And so it was that Kaka was named as the best footballer in 2007. I knew this since May that Kaka has no rival in football at this point in time.

It is too obvious to miss it that no one is playing as well as Kaka right now.

Congratulations Kaka on your success, you earned it!

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