Nigeria on my mind

Nigeria is a country of over 100 million people, a country with blessed landscape and resources. A land flowing with the proverbial milk and honey.  It is almost impossible to make a quick run of the many ways in which Nigeria is a blessed country. But the big question is, how many people are blessed in Nigeria as a result of the wealth of the nation?

It will be nice to return power back to the people. What kind of power do I mean? 

One thought on “Nigeria on my mind

  1. My fellow Nigerians,
    Dwelling on the Nigerian story is an issue that touches the heart… it affects the heart because what it needs is a change of heart! A change of heart right from the very top of leadership down to the privacy of our homes that is you, me and everyone else… Lets us pray that God will rend our heart of stones and gives us a heart of flesh. It is only then that we as a people and nation can leave a lasting legacy for our children and the generations unborn. stay tuned for more from this writer!


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