Day: September 19, 2006


If I was from Oyo state, I swear that I would have denounced my stateship. Indeed there are crazy things going on in every states in Nigeria. Western Nigeria is the cradle of academic excellence ( I beg to be corrected) and in Oyo,… Continue Reading “OYO-ON YOUR OWN”


For every nation that is took a collective will. The collective will in nigeria is to remain stupid, corrupt and primitive. Nigeria is like BABEL. People speak different languages and understand the same thing in different ways. Hence, the inability to advance since… Continue Reading “BABEL NIGERIA?”

Military Men in Crash-Tragedy struck again!

Those who wear the shoes know where it pinches. Only the families and the loved ones of the Military personnels can expressed their devastations. But we mourn with them and may God be with the souls of the dead. Please can somebody remind Atiku and… Continue Reading “Military Men in Crash-Tragedy struck again!”

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