Goodluck Jonathan: An irresponsible man I would say

Adeola Aderounmu

Northern Nigeria is burning. There is a kind of war going on in Northern Nigeria. Muslims are attacking Christians. Christians are attacking Muslims. Boko Haram is ensuring that the flame goes on.

Earlier this year Goodluck Jonathan promised that Boko Haram will be a time of the past in June. At that time Boko Haram promised that come June they will bomb Nigeria more than ever before.

I remembered that I wrote an article saying that whoever carries the day is the one ruling or running Nigeria.

Boko Haram have shown that they are more reliable and trustworthy than Goodluck Jonathan.

Last weekend Boko Haram set Kaduna ablaze and the result is that Christians went for a retaliation on Muslims and now the Muslims are back to kill.

But in the midst of this madness, and war so to say Goodluck Jonathan flew out of Nigeria.

He went to Brazil to attend a so called earth summit. To my understanding of the situation in Nigeria Jonathan attending this meeting is meaningless and senseless. Is Jonathan an irresponsible man? My answer is yes!

A Yoruba proverb says you cannot leave fire at the top of your roof and go to sleep. Goodluck Jonathan left the country altogether.

This is a time that Nigerians could run the country to a standstill and just tell Jonathan never to return to Nigeria. He can remain in exile for all the people care. Jonathan is the worst president Nigeria ever had.

I don’t understand why a man will leave a burning house and embark on a pilgrimage. This is the lowest form of intellectualism I have seen in my life.

People return from far to attend to disasters and problems at home. Jonathan is travelling away from problem and disasters. There is a need to examine this man’s mentality for real. This is not normal.

TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World: Lies and Jargons

By Adeola Aderounmu

I read with dismay the nonsense comments written by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Goodluck Jonathan. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Almost what Ellen wrote are lies that any dummy can verify. How that beats the TIME editorial beats my imaginations.

In Bayelsa, Jonathan had nothing to show for his time as the governor, just like Alamieyeseigha his boss who was arrested in London but later escaped as a woman. Jonathan’s wife is a well-known money launderer. She could have only stolen through her husband’s access to power.

Under Jonathan, Corruption in Nigeria reached a new height. What is Ellen talking about? What kind of madness has been published in TIME to deceive the world?

Jonathan has almost emptied the Nigerian treasury buying Presidential jets after presidential jet.

Under Late Yar Adua and Jonathan, James Ibori who sponsored their elections as president and vice president in 2007 is a saint. In London Ibori has become the most famous prisoner.

Which corruption is Jonathan fighting in Ellen’s and TIME’s worlds?

It is one thing to say that Jonathan is influential-all Nigerian presidents and head of states who have looted the treasury are all influential-it is another thing to write nonsense to feed the world. It is unacceptable.

Of course Jonathan is influential. Nigeria is probably going to finish under him with the spate of bombings that have turned Nigeria to one of the most dangerous places to live in the world.

Who needs a greater influence?

Mr. Jonathan, It’s Not Mudslinging, It’s the Truth. All of you have stolen!

Adeola Aderounmu

One of the things no one can take away from politicians is their abilities to expose one another. In Nigeria over the past 50 years politicians and military rulers alike have constantly exposed one another just to win the sympathy or support of the people.

The Public Media Outfit of Mr. Jonathan issued a statement which was aired on NTA News on 21st March 2011. The statement cautioned Yinka Odumakin the spokesperson for Gen. Buhari.

But it is one unplanned misfire from one of the paid basket mouths in the PDP camp that sparked off this chain of incidents. Nigerians should enjoy it the way they enjoyed the Obasanjo-Atiku saga and the Atiku-Jonathan saga.
But what we must do is to bring all these looters and liars to judgment at the slightest opportunity. No one of these men should escape the wrath to come.

This is my take on all these accusations and counter accusations.

General Buhari and Atiku Abubakar knew about the several suitcases that were smuggled or brought into Nigeria without proper checks when Buhari was the dictator. Buhari cannot continue to tell Nigerians that the suitcases were personal properties of a few people and that we should go and ask Atiku why they were not checked. Buhari took charge of other things in Nigeria that year, why not the suitcases. And I am not absolving Atiku in anyway; these men are heavily corrupt and hardcore liars.

The details of Buhari drug war on the innocent while sparing the corrupt military has been alleged as one of the nemesis that caught up with him.

If I take Buhari up on the debate issues, he is not close to the president Nigeria needs at this moment. Buhari still believes that Nigerian should dig deep wells to avoid water borne diseases. This man is fastened to the 10th century and I wonder what he wants at the presidency.

Buhari wants Nigerians to bring expatriates from abroad to solve Nigeria’s health problem when Nigerian are solving medical problems around the world. How enlightened and knowledgeable is Buhari?

The best thing from Buhari in the debate was highlighting the source of the militancy in the Niger Delta. But he could have done better anyway to confirm what I have always written that it was Obasanjo and Odili who bought the weapons that started the militancy. They armed these guys for the do or die elections.

The people who live in the Niger Delta told the story just like my mother told me the story of how the civil war led to increase in armed robbery in Nigeria because after the war ended guns remained in the hands of the people. The similarities are too striking.

The greatest liar of them is Nuhu Rubadu. Ribadu told Nigerians many things when he was Obasanjo’s boy-boy. Now that he is lining up with the same people that he prosecuted, the story lines have changed. In Ribadu myopic and extremely selfish and wicked world-Nigerians are no longer corrupt. It is the system that is corrupt. So the system is now being operated by robots in Nigeria?

The most difficult thing to sustain and defend is a lie. This is why Ribadu continues to speak from all sides of his mouth depending on where he is and who he is addressing.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan are now relying on the statement that Ribadu made recently that he never accused Patience Jonathan (if you are looking for dame, you are reading the wrong blog) of fraud or stealing.

What about the governor that took over from Jonathan? His opening speech as a governor was used by Atiku to target Jonathan and this was shown every night on NTA News as Atiku battles Jonathan for the PDP ticket. The guy said Jonathan left an empty treasury in Bayelsa and it has not been disputed by anyone. Or was the guy preparing the stage for the looting to continue?

Ribadu is probably the greatest liar alive in Nigeria today. Men and women who have no shame exhibit this type of character. Being a liar is not different from being a thief. They are both vices that have contributed to the looting and destruction of Nigeria.

In any case who needs a Ribadu to confirm that Mrs. Jonathan was twice alleged to have been involved in money laundering? The case had already gone International and not in the hands of Ribadu. Ribadu is not EFCC. Does Mr. Jonathan need further clarification for that?

The intelligence question and reasoning is a big question mark in the Nigerian political scene and I cannot explain enough how these men drag themselves around like clowns. They are absolutely despicable.


I blame the people of Nigeria. I continue to blame myself too.

We are a people looking for opportunities to grab here and there and so we allow nonsense and stupidity to pass for normalcy.

I can’t count how many times I have wept for Nigeria. I’ve mentioned this before and I mean real tears. It happened today.

It hurts to see a people acting so foolish and helpless. The typical Nigerian attitude is inexplicable.

Thousands of organizations have sprung up in Nigeria and abroad in the name of support for the ruling party.
PDP, if they ever return or maintain power will plunge more Nigerians below the poverty line. A government to be headed by Jonathan will continue to steal like they have done for the past 12 years.

They have looted uncontrollably since 1999.They shared 50 millions dollars that was meant for power supply, just like that.

They spent 20 billion naira in one day in the name of a stupid 50th anniversary of failure. What a tragedy!

It’s easy to cry when these types of party and the people in it are still receiving support because of the opportunistic nature of Nigerians. I make bold to say that all forms of support to this party especially from Nigerians in diaspora is TOTAL FRAUD. Nigerians abroad who support PDP are wicked callous, senseless, and useless. Do they have an idea of how this party has destroyed Nigeria since 1999?

PDP will become a permanent evil of axis if they succeed in convincing Nigerians for votes or if they rigged by the power of the incumbency.

I have never said that getting PDP out of the way will solve our problems like the magic pills but it will provide us with the means to see another opportunity.

I have not forgotten that this is one election I don’t wish for.

I am too convinced that these April elections are far from the medication that Nigeria needs.

If you’re wondering why I shed tears again. Here are a few tips;

I continue to see several hungry agencies and associations supporting PDP in Nigeria and abroad.

Nigerian artists continue to form agency after agency. Now it’s Neighbour for Neighbour agency. Jonathan gave them a huge sum as trust fund and I’m sure they are already sharing the money or fighting over it as usual. To see Onyeka Onwenu and other helpless artists canvassing for the evil party broke me. Nigerian artists remain hungry because this is not their first appearance. They have done this many times.

National Okada association met Jonathan. They gave him support. Jonathan said that the federal government of Nigeria can use Okada to solve the problems of crime in Nigeria. I wept!

Nigerian rulers are not only dull but they are also wicked and thoughtless. You will use Okada to solve crime in Nigeria?
I have learnt that if you have nothing to say, you stay quiet and if you have no answer to a problem, say I don’t know!
Nigerian politicians prefer to lie and talk rubbish.


The front runners for the forthcoming unnecessary elections in April 2011 are liars, deceivers and corrupt people who should be thrown to jail immediately. But in Nigeria, they are worshipped and compared to one another depending on how corrupt they are. I am sad.

Unfortunately I have no good knowledge about Kano but I respect mallam Shekarau. I am not endorsing him as I will never make the mistake of entering the business of endorsing Nigerian politicians.

It is just a confession that Shekarau so far displayed far more intelligence than the intelligences of Jonathan, Buhari and Ribadu summed together. I underrated him before I heard him speak and again I confess that the guy swept me off my feet.

After the debate, despite his shortcomings, I have heard reports about good things in Kano. Someone argued that Kano is not Nigeria. Indeed. On what platform shall a man be assessed if he wants to be a national leader?

I agree with on EFCC and ICPC. He called them glorified police station. He is so right! EFCC and ICPC, just like NTA and over 400 other parastatals in Nigeria are pure waste of public funds. Nigeria since 1960 continues to run the most wasteful government in the history of man.

Mallam Shekaau is not regarded as a strong contender even though we have not been given a public opinion survey within Nigeria.

I felt so sorry for Pat Utomi because at his Lagos campaign, there were just a few people. If he was a PDP candidate who had stolen money Nigerians will troop to the venue with the hope that when he start to share the looted funds like Jonathan is doing, they will get something.

Maybe Pat Utomi should start thinking of lesser offices where, if he is truly genuine, can impact on people’s lives. A local government chairman is not a bad idea. A man should never be too proud if he is called to serve, even at the lowest capacity.

I weep For Nigeria. Change is not near unless we make it happen in a radical way.

A Fellowship of Criminal Minds and Looters

By Adeola Aderounmu

There is yet no hope that elections in Nigeria will bring changes in the nearest future. Our discussions are still about individuals and power blocs rather than manifestos, principles and party symbols.

There is hardly any Nigerian today who knows or talks about the principles / manifestos of each political party. Nigeria’s crazy electoral processes remained centred on individuals and personalities.

Nigerian politicians do not make efforts to engage the public and ordinary citizens on the principles that their parties radiate. The truth is Nigerian political parties have long lost the plots. Gone are the days of manifestos and principles. Politics is now about killing, assassination, arson, stealing, looting, forgery and all kinds of vices that are necessary to capture power at all cost.

The mentally deranged individuals who continue to seek political offices in Nigeria either do not know about party manifestos or do not give a “shit” about what it contains. The populace are so knowledge-deficient that all they see are personalities and all they argue about is who will loot less or more. It’s a tragic situation. This country is lost.

It is so because somewhere between 1959 and 1970 Nigerians lost the plot totally. They fought a bitter civil war after years of cold wars among the various tribes. They made the civil war sound like Biafra versus Nigeria whereas the war is actually between every community in Nigeria. The war persists today in our minds between every community and between every known tribe in Nigeria. The PDP power zoning system is a virtual extension of the Nigerian civil war.

The most devastating consequence is that Nigeria is no longer a country that any living soul is ready to defend. Nigeria is now like a geographical region where every now and then various groups of gangsters take over the reign of governance either in uniform or agabda and exhibit some of the crudest known human trait-acquisition of materials and wealth as a strategic form of the perpetration of the survival of the fittest.

In essence the structures left by the colonialists were destroyed. The promise made by the freedom fighters to build the nation became a pretence with which independence was proclaimed in 1960. Who has built Nigeria since 1960? Check out the value of the naira, the standard of living in Nigeria and the socio-economic conditions among 140m Nigerians and all you get are disasters made by man for his fellow man. What a tragedy! In my own world I have never seen any form of disaster greater that the consequences of the reign of evil in Nigeria.

I will continue to lament the tragedy of (probably) the most prosperous nation in the world harbouring some of the world’s poorest people.

Let me narrow down.

What I see today as the preparation for the forthcoming elections in Nigeria is a fellowship of thieves.

Let me state again before I continue that in Nigeria there are no heroes. I will stand alone rather than give any commendation or recommendation to any Nigerian ruler/ politician.

When my online friends went for Ribadu, I almost wept. It is a sign of decadence and lack of heroes that made them fell blindly to a man who deceived the world to acquire accolades.

Don’t get me wrong. I have stated that I am not a saint and I am not a righteous man. But my opinion about public service is simple-just do the right thing, always. When circumstances and situations prevent you then step aside and go in peace.

When Ribadu left those who use the presidential jet to carry dollars under Obasanjo I was left with no doubts that he is just one of them. I got tired of the arguments of the people he prosecuted. If he didn’t what then would his duties be? The things he didn’t do in no small way added to the piles of the rubbish that killed many innocent people and until this day continue to contribute to the spread of poverty and penury in motherland. Has anyone done an analysis of what the Nigerian state would look like today if Ribadu and Obasanjo had succeeded with their third-term plan/ agenda? I doubt. But what about using Zimbabwe as a yard stick or Idi Amin’s Uganda?

This essay is not about Ribadu. It is about how “hope has left Nigeria”. With the looters, thieves and lukewarm people parading the country and seeking presidential office, what I see is a fellowship of thieves playing on our “intelligence” and “myopic memories” once more. Each looter, thief and mentally deranged seeker has gathered his or her own supporters and the stupid game is rolling on.

Nigerians as a people have not sat down to ask themselves “why do we keep getting this combination of useless people and thieves as our representatives”? When Nigerians start to reason and think, they will reach an answer. If they don’t reach any answer, then there is no need for Nigeria any longer.

For instance why is no one asking Jonathan to open the books on Babangida? He is widely alleged to have stolen 12 billion dollars and to have murdered prominent people in Nigeria. Why do we have a police force in Nigeria? Why do we have lawyers and even the judicial arm of governance? The man Babangida challenged us to investigate him again and we did nothing. Seriously I don’t get it!

But I actually do. Jonathan will not dare Babangida or any other prominent thief or looter the same way that Ribadu and Obasanjo didn’t because they are all in the fellowship of thieves and looters. No one will cast the first stone because the criminal charges and prosecution will go round and they will all be caught by the same dragnet.

This is what Nigerians are not discussing. Our government is totally mafiac.

So Babangida will contest. Jonathan will do nothing because as a governor in Bayelsa and even in his present position his hands are not cleaned. He is afraid that if he opens the book on Babangida the same way Obasanjo dared Atiku, he will also have his books opened from A-Z.

My argument that Nigeria is not a country will therefore be true. There is the crude “survival of the fittest game” and the topical gangsters who win will cart away more money and plan their future self-preservations.

 When Obasanjo exposed Atiku, Atiku exposed Obasanjo and the EFCC did nothing about all the corrupt practices flying it its face. That was EFCC’s way of fighting corruption- fighting the opposition and protecting the one who pays the piper. No greater hypocrisy.

 These small vices add up to the decadence and nonsense in Nigeria. When I was in primary 6 attending Central Primary School in Festac Town my teacher Mrs Obi told me that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. I will never forget that she also said that nearly does not catch a bird.

 We have lowered the standard of public service in Nigeria to a ridiculous level. Nigeria needs people with principles and high standard of morals in public service. This may not be right but is there a chance that we have a civilian version of Idiagbon waiting to be elected?

 Are my online friends still happy with their hero who will now contest the presidency with the money stolen from us? The same money he pretended to be recovering and from the same people he called looters just a little over 3 years ago. May I sound it clearer-In Nigeria there are no heroes. What we have is a fellowship of criminals who we worship differentially depending on how they impact our lives. 

 Ken Nnamani is fulfilling long know tradition. He will try to be a subordinate to Babangida. He eyes the vice-presidency. Who told him that he could not aim directly at the presidency? Oh I forgot, all they think about in Nigeria is the politics of big fat pockets of looted funds and yea he doesn’t have that kind of money yet. Therefore he will stoop low and believe the maradonic Babangida’s plan to make him president in 2015.

You have to love Nigeria somehow someway. Evil people make plan for Nigerians as if they are gods. I am not a student of politics or history but I will gladly recommend to Nnamani [to read about] the promises made by NPN in 1979 and 1983 and the outcomes. There is also a reason why someone will be called the Evil Genius. What a generation of myopics!

The arguments and stories about Nigerians are diverse and inexhaustible in any particular essay.

My argument today is that Nigerians are not yet ready for change. There is no hope yet when all we get is a bunch of looters, thieves and nonentities who have stolen our common wealth and they have the guts and urge to come back to the political scenes.

This is not about Babangida only. It is about all the candidates we have in Nigeria today.

They thrive because of the stupid and useless anticorruption agencies that they established for themselves. It’s like the devil’s pact. When I see people like Farida and Nuhu, all I think about is-what a bunch of jokes. Really it is not their faults.

If Nigerians want to continue as a country, they must define modes of their existence built on structures and not persons or individuals. Today’s INEC is about Jega unfortunately. It shouldn’t be. INEC should be about structures and equipment that can be used to deliver credible elections.

EFCC should not be about Waziri or Nuhu, it should be about principles that send every corrupt person to jail irrespective of their status in Nigeria.

Nigeria will become a country when the government becomes a democratic one. It is the path we chose but a road we have neglected. We must return. When we do, we will be able to elect leaders based on their plans for the country, based on their track records, based on free and fair elections.

The most difficult thing is how to negotiate the turning point because after 50 years the system is so rotten and bad that we don’t even know when or how to change the system.

We need leaders. We need heroes of democracy.

[The content of this essay does not change my views that the forthcoming elections in Nigeria are a waiting disaster. The elections will not succeed and it will not bring the changes that Nigerians desire.

Somehow there is a tradition of electoral madness and inefficiency around the machinery of electoral processes that ensure that traits of the olden days persist in Nigeria’s approaches to democracy. For as long as these traits and traditions persist and exist side-a-side there is yet no hope for decent democratic changes in Nigeria.

The discussion about the traits and traditions are beyond the scope of this particular essay.]

Mr. Jonathan, No, You can’t suspend Nigerian Football!

Adeola Aderounmu

Is Goodluck Jonathan A Dictator in the Making?

There are reports that Goodluck Jonathan has suspended the Nigerian Football Team from participating in future competitions for the next 2 years. According to him this will allow Nigeria to reorganise her football.

Sometimes I wonder if Nigerian politicians are from planet earth. Does Mr. Jonathan know FIFA rules concerning football? Do we have advisers in Abuja? Does Nigeria have a Ministry of Sports that Jonathan can consult for information and knowledge about football?

You cannot suspend your team from International competition. If you do, FIFA will help you by extending the suspension for another 2 or 4 years.

Nigeria does not need to suspend her national team from International competition to be able to do things the right way. Common sense shows that that is a negative approach.

There are ignorant people running football in Nigeria and we have said it many times without number: let those who know about football run our football. Let seasoned administrators and tested hands handle our sports. There are trained sports administrators in Nigeria. Look for them.

And when it concerned football look for our ex-internationals at home and abroad. They can do things right. Bring back Stephen Keshi, call on Oliseh among many others. The list is endless!

Segun Odegbami has been in this field for decades. Look for him and people like him scattered across Nigeria. Let those who know football run our football.

Mr Jonathan does not need to suspend the National Team. That is bad judgement and an indication of dictatorial tendencies. We are supposed to be under civilian rule, not tyranny or military rule. You can’t wake up from a bad dream and say the National team is dissolved.

Please get this right. There are thousands of football talents in Nigeria who can take our country to greater heights. Catch them young and play them with their real ages!

I think the most important thing is to eliminate politics from our sports. Until then, we are only chasing shadows like Mr Jonathan is doing now.

On the other hand, rather than using such a strong hand on our football, Mr. Jonathan should use his strong hand and will to bring prosperity to Nigeria. I don’t think football is our problem.

Corruption is eating Nigerian deep, ever since 1960 anyway. If you are such a principled man, please leave the footballers alone and go after your likes-politicians who are looting and carrying away our national wealth.

Over 70% of Nigerians are living below the poverty level, please divert your energy away from the footballers and think of how you can reduce the percentage of Nigerians living under acceptable conditions of human existence.

There are loads of problems facing us in Nigeria. Football is the least of them. Go to Jos and live among the people for 1 weeks, try to understand their rotten mentalities and why they continue to kill one another.

Go to Borno and see the basis for the emergence of Boko Haram.

From East to West, from North to South, please go around and see what you can do to bring better the good life of the 50s and 60s. This country is dying, leave the footballers alone and focus on how to create employment opportunities, how to build good roads, how to make water flow into our homes and our to ensure that my children get quality education.

Above all, suspend that 10 billion naira that you are about to waste on a common party! Divert the fund into procurement of cancer testing machines for Nigerian decaying hospitals. Save a life today Mr Jonathan. The children are crying!

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