My Random Reflections @ 50

My Random Reflections @ 50

I wrote my first random reflections when I turned 36 in 2008. Time flies as they say. Yours sincerely turned 50 on the 12th of July. I am grateful to Olodumare for the gift of life, for the strength to carry on and for the blessings over my life.

Adeola Aderounmu

I have spent more than 20 years writing about Nigeria and I have spent a part of those 2 decades to put together 3 books. I have started to write the outline for the 4th one. In due time I look up to Olodumare for inspiration to complete the book.

But my mind is troubled.

Since 2002 when I wrote my first published article in the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper (Why Politicians Steal), Nigeria has sank to the level that Lagos her major city is probably the worst city to live in the world. Nigeria has now been described as the poverty capital of the world several years after I coined the phrase MASS POVERTY to describe the uniqueness of the poverty that even engulfs all the millionaires, billionaires and gangster politicians.

My submission was that no matter who you are, as long as you are living within the geographical space called Nigeria, you are invariably living in poverty. Look at the recent floods across Nigeria, it is a clear case of what it means to live in poverty as a result of bad environmental planning. Look at the clowns living at Lekki. It is like they are living in a swimming pool. Even if you look at the case of electricity, as long as your 365 days a year supply of electricity is not coming from the electric power company, you are living in extreme poverty. Pray you are not the modern day slave with or without your wealth.

The ability to provide your own essential social amenities in a certain geographical space is not a sign of wealth, it is a sign of living in bondage and poverty. These were some of my ideas in defining mass poverty a few years ago. The idea was to spin everyone to a critical thinking including those who think they are better than others in Nigeria and as a result would never complain or see anything wrong with the system.

So I am sorry, in my own eyes, everybody living in Nigeria is living in extreme poverty, starting from the people in Aso rock, to the people in government houses and to all the corners of the space in Nigeria. It does not matter if you work in the private or public sector, it does not matter if you are on chicken island or banana island, living in the Nigerian space is living in poverty. It does not even matter if you hire 100 military fools as your guide daily. That is still a poverty-stricken life. 

Let me digress on my random reflections.

Two issues (one negative and the other positive) that will eventually end Nigeria are the issue of terrorism and the fight for liberation of the entrapped nations within the geographical space created by the British gangsters/unfortunate colonisers. 

Terrorists are already taking Nigeria apart bit by bit. The stinking, dirty, rapists cum terrorists come in different shades and shapes. There are several factions of terror groups festering on Nigeria, a country that definitely lacks real governance, a country steered by a non-existent leadership. Terrorists are more established in Northern Nigeria but have capabilities to strike anywhere from the South to the North because it appears the presidency is aiding their operations. The emergence and successes of terror groups has been discussed extensively on this blog on several occasions.

What is evident is that the APC government led by one Buhari has given the terrorists free hand to do just about anything and get away with it. This is not surprising or shocking in anyway because the Buhari that led APC to power in 2015 was vehemently against any attack on Boko Haram. One of the recent attacks carried out by Boko Haram was the attack on Kuje prison in Abuja. More than 500 terrorists were set free. There are allegations that Mr. Buhari was aware of this plan to free the terrorists and did nothing about it.

I am making random reflections, so I will not elaborate further on the orchestrated Kuje prison attack that started when the Nigerian government removed the security at the prison and claimed that the prison that is “home” to some of the most dangerous men in the world has no CCTV camera.

Terrorism is the negative trend in Northern Nigeria that may end Nigeria with serious consequences of a new, prolonged civil war, famine and a political instability far beyond the imagination of the entire world. Nigeria will bleed and Africa will tremble. Population and migration crises that will arise will spread beyond the shores of Africa.

The entire sub-Saharan Africa may become the biggest war zone in the world as indigenous populations will fight to repel the lawless Fulani jihadists. It is impossible to foresee the extent of desolation that will befall the fake British invention called Nigeria if the current exploits of the Fulani terrorists is not nipped in the bud. That sounds too late perhaps now that they are all over the entire regions in Nigeria. They have terror cells and foot soldiers armed, and ready to wipe indigenous populations away. It should amaze a worried, brilliant mind what the indigenous populations are doing about their survival and plan for the future. It seems they have none, living one day to the other, hoping that terror will just go away. 

In any case. There is a slight hope all the above will not happen. Is life still about sliding doors? Is it still about the choices we make and when we make them? I would think so. The current diversion of the young people, just where the politicians will have them is amusing, yet annoying.

Some say they want Tinubu, some say Obi and others say Atiku. These young people are doing today exactly what their parents did in 1959, 1979, 1983 and even in 2003. I thought history should make new generations wiser so they can make decisions or take steps to ensure that their children and unborn children can be free from bondage and have a life full of hopes and opportunities. How can we, how can they not know that Nigeria is not that place to give a level playing field to their generations to come? How? 

Eight years from today, if Fulani terrorists have not taken over the Nigerian space and making these young people and their children slaves, these same young people will be repeating the same bloody mistake of one Obi, Tinubu, Atiku, Shettima and Kwankwaso. What a daft generation?

You would think that enslaved people would rally round and support one another so that their fight for freedom can be on a united platform and that if the opportunity and need arises, they would give whatever it takes to secure freedom. The most disturbing aspect of the fight for the freedom of the Yoruba and the Igbo from the shackles of the Fulani is that rather than rally behind Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu to take out their respective countries out of the Fulani controlled terror-filled Nigeria, they are rallying behind stupid, useless and brainless politicians who will deceive them and continue to ruin their today and their tomorrow.

What would the average person require to realize that the present-day situation we are living in in British-made Nigeria today was a future that was stolen several decades ago? The stolen future was something I became aware of when I remember criminals like Babangida and Abacha. I was naive during the Shagari time. But the Babangida, Abacha time was so obvious to me that these gangsters were stealing my future in Nigeria. The rest is history.

In any case, let me find a way to wrap up this random reflection of mine. I do not believe in Nigeria. I do not believe that one man name Obi, or Ahmed, or Adekunle or one super criminal called Atiku can fix Nigeria. Of course Tinubu is a super criminal too and despite the international report that implicated Obi, people with blind faith have chosen to bite the hook. All these people are part of the problems and they will never be a part of the final breakdown or disintegration of Nigeria. The end of Nigeria is the single most important recipe for the greatness that await the entrapped nation like Yoruba Union and Biafra a few decades from now if the break up happens today.

To delay the breakup of Nigeria is just to deepen the entrenched poverty. It is to empower the terrorists that are almost sure of victory in colonizing Nigeria.

Finally, just to end these unending thoughts now rushing in my head, my hope for the future lies in Yoruba Nation no matter how imperfect she may be. I would love to live in the land that my ancestors prepared for me as a free man rather than be a slave to the Fulani for the rest of my life.

See you soon..!

My Random Reflections @ 48

My Random Reflections @ 48

Here we go again.

Adeola Aderounmu @ 48, 2020

This series started in 2008 and this is the 13th edition. You can read my previous reflections using the page My Random Reflections at the top on this blog.

In 2008 when l wrote the first in the series. I was 36. l had no idea it was going to be an annual entry on my birthday, July 12. But it is now. A tradition.

Last year my post was about a number of predictions of what was going to happen before and after you finish reading the piece. If you are keen on Nigeria, you may browse the entry and see how easy it is to predict the fate of Nigeria and Nigerians.

There are still many things to reflect upon about Nigeria. They are mostly repetitions of what l have written about in the last 20 years. On September 9, 2002, l wrote a piece in the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper titled Why Politicians Steal. The reason Nigerian politicians stole in 2002 is still the same reason they steal in 2020.

Nigeria is running a very useless system of government. The politicians cannot be arrested by the police. They are above the law and they are immune to arrest and prosecution. Currently, two organised criminal organisations are running Nigeria. They are popularly called APC and PDP. But they are the same group of gangsters who moved in and out of the group at will depending on favours and ambitions.

By not having the authority to arrest corrupt politicians and bad people in the country, the Nigerian Police became one of the most useless institutions in the world. By not being independent and lacking the possibility of keeping the country under check & balance, the Nigerian judiciary is not far from the Nigerian police as one of the most useless arms of government in the world.

By being so resilient and incapable of initiating social changes that would change the course of their history, Nigerians are the most unserious and suffering-abiding citizens the world had seen. Nigeria is made of recipes for disasters.

I am sorry to say you may be an idiot if you claim to either belong to APC or PDP. That means that you don´t see how the politicians themselves are acting out the scripts. There are only a few of them who have not crossed carpets from one to the other. There is no matured Nigerian politician alive that has not belonged to at least 2 political parties in his/her lifetime. So if a citizen says, I am APC or PDP, that citizen is most likely a moron.

In essence, my point is that there are almost no political parties in Nigeria. The 2 major ones are criminal organisations. If you belong to a criminal organisation while trying to play your part in the destruction of what is left of Nigeria, you are insane and part of the problems that need to be eliminated for freedom to come.

It is not only the politicians that are ruining or destroying Nigeria. Nigeria is at a point where majority of the population are destroying the system or what is left of it so that they could survive. With massive unemployment, spread of insecurity and rise of terrorism, the destruction of Nigeria will climax someday. No one knows when or what the consequences will lead to. Nigeria is not sustainable.

You can tell that l am tired of the question: what is the solution to Nigeria´s problems? It is now clear that in order to find the answer to this question, one has to admit that there is no country called Nigeria in the first place. Nigeria is a fraudulent arrangement put together for the pleasure of the queen of England. Niger-Area metamorphosed to Nigeria as a British business empire in 1914.

The opportunity cost was the sovereignty of the nations that were clustered in the unholy marriage. For a while it worked. It did, especially when the fraudsters/colonial thugs from England who put it together perfected the process of indirect rule. What happened since october 1st 1960 unveiled the demons in the skin of the Africans occupying the geopolitical zone called Nigeria.

The gap between Europé and Nigeria for example is unwarranted considering the intellectual pool that Nigeria supplies to Europé and America annually. But how can the rest of the world be like paradise and Nigeria a total enclave of incivility? Where do you begin to do the analyses? Before you even begin to defend the insanity in Nigeria, take a trip to the oil producing area and come back with the EIA of the oil spillage. Oh, you don´t know what EIA is. Start from there.

I have written so much in the last 2 decades that l really don´t know how to summarise the points l am trying to make. But l will try. What could have become of Nigeria if for example politicians are not criminals or criminals are not politicians?

What would have become of Nigeria if there was love and no civil war from 1967 – 1970? What would have become of Nigeria if we abandoned the foreign incursions of Islam and Christianity like the Indians and the Chinese did?

What would have happened to Nigeria if the institutions of governance did their jobs and took care of criminals who found their ways to politics?

What would have become of Nigeria if education, health, medicine, sport and all basic infrastructure were maintained, sustained and kept running for the good of all? What would have become of Nigeria if no politician or military gangster stole N1 from the treasury?

The answers are clear. Nigeria would have become a paradise, a world power and the best place to live in the world. It would have been beautiful. We would have constant electricity, high standard of living, the best education in the world and our doctors would be the savers at home and globally.

Sadly, Nigeria is today one hell of a shamble. Nigeria is in the hands of idiots and complete nonentities called APC and PDP politicians. Nigerian intellectuals as l wrote in a previous article are ruled by mumus like Buhari. We had one drunkard before called Jonathan. There is one idiot called Babangida. One crazy fool called Abacha stole so much it appeared he kept sending us money from the grave. There is Obasanjo who kept writing letters but who also failed to return Nigeria to true federalism. Together with the ministers that served with them and the crook governors all over the place, they are sending Nigerians to their graves in thousands, daily-COVID or No Covid.

And all those still ganging up to keep Nigeria´s status quo, for example, Tinubu and Atiku, are all parts of the APC, PDP criminal establishments. Head or tail, Nigeria and Nigerians are doomed under the prevailing circumstances.

I just need to add that it does not matter where you live in Nigeria and how well you are doing or not, Nigeria on a whole is a useless country, representted by morons in government. For as long as more than 100m people are living from hand to mouth, unsure of the next meal and under constant lack of electricity, l am sorry, you are all living in poverty and in a giant man-made hell. Seun Kuti put it right: Nigeria is an open concentration camp.

Why Politicians Steal, Guardian Newspaper Sept 9, 2002

Nigeria could have worked. But it didn´t. It must be dismantled and that is not the antidote to the poverty and hopelessness in the region. But it is the first radical step that will usher competitions in the regions as they start a century long journey to catch up with the least fortunate countries in Europé.

How hard can it be to dismantle an entity that is now working? How hard is it for a people with common interests, culture, language and future to organise and make a decision to end poverty, to build a life that their children and children´s children would be willing to embrace. How hard is the pursuit of happiness in the various regions/nations within the fraud called Nigeria?