Obama’s Victory: My Takes

Adeola Aderounmu

Barack Obama will lead the USA for another 4 years. Mitt Romney, the republican candidate lost the key states and lost the election.

Four years ago I was an Obama enthusiast. Today my views are completely indifferent. I didn’t stay up to follow the election but I must congratulate Obama for winning another 4 year term to lead the United States.

There are so many things to work on in the United States and globally as well.

The economy in the United States requires a quick turnover so that the unemployment rates can be reduced and many people can work to get a better life. There are lingering problems with house ownership, mortgage and health-care delivery among many others.

There will not be a perfect country or a perfect world but the situation can be much better than it is now. Four past years of Obama may not have been miraculous; the four coming years must be if the expectations of the electorates are to be met.

In several ways the Senate and the house of reps have a lot to do in working together to make America a better place.

But when the years row by and things don’t work according to plans, I hope the people will know where to look at. The USD 2 billion that saw the election campaigns through definitely came from some pockets and there were key players. Are people paying attention to the key donors and their interests? It is up to the American to do their homework.

On the foreign scene I didn’t like the role the US played in the death of Gadhafi. Ghadhafi was not a saint, nor is anyone of us. But Libya was prosperous and probably the best African country to live in under Gadhafi. There were the oppressed people in Libya (including strangely Nigerians) , there were people tortured by Gadhafi. There are ways to go by these symptoms of dictatorship that are far better than the killing of Gadhafi. What about not throwing the dirty water away with the baby in it?

Saudi Arabia has no democracy and this has never been criticized by the United States. Hence the double or even triple standard of the United States under Obama gave me concerns.

I pity the Syrians. One day they will wake up and realize how they have inflicted harm and injuries to one another without finding the reasons why they did so. Two or more wrongs have never made a right in historical perspectives. They can ask Liberia and Somalia what it means to live for decades without a functional government. Liberia is trying to get back on track and Somalia is still among the most dangerous places on earth.

In the Middle East generally, many issues have reached boiling points. I don’t blame other countries for the woes of a given country but the expectations and hopes are usually hinged on the US and her foreign policy.

China presents news and old challenges through her new leadership and old trades.

The bar has now been raised as Obama enters another term in office. I wish him all the best.

I wish my friends and acquaintances in the US the best of these four years. I hope they won’t look back four years from now and wished they’d made a different choice.

The future you know or can predict is the one you create. In a constantly changing world where the circumstances around you are often out of your control, it will definitely by impossible to create a perfect future.



BY Adeola Aderounmu

Chelsea FC is crowned as the champion of Europe after beating Bayern Munich in Germany.

It was a coincidence that the venue of this year’s final landed at the Allianz Arena in Munchen.

Didier Drogba became a legend on the 19th of May 2012. He scored the equalizer in the 88th minute after Muller had sent the Germans jubilating in the 82nd minute. Drogba’s header was powerful. It was a stunner.

Then Drogbra went on to take the last penalty kick which won Chelsea the match and sent fans across the world into ecstatic celebration.

Chelsea’s dream of glory came true after 9 years of intensive search by owner Abrahamovic.

Chelsea could have won the cup in the past but bad officiating robbed them of a deserved victory against Barcelona under Mouriho. Then John Terry missed a final kick (was in 2008 or 2009) that would have won Chelsea the cup. Manchester United stole that victory.

Under the most unprobable conditions Di Matteo stepped in and won the Champions league cup with Chelsea.



This victory is well deserved. Chelsea defended in many games as they struggle to find the best pattern under Di Matteo. But they were very precise in their attack and Drogba especially had gone the extra mile converting half chances and rare opportunities. It paid off last night at Allianz Arena.

Plus the winning of the FA cup, Chelsea have re-written the history of their club and football.

I send my congratulations to Chelsea as a team. They showed the power of determination and perseverance.

I send my congratulations to Nigeria and Chelsea midfielder Mikel Obi. His name is now written in gold (just as Jose Mouriho said a few years ago that he found gold when he found Mikel).

The best congratulation goes out to Didier Drogba the best and sharpest attacker in the world. At 34 this is a rare feat.

To Chelsea fans around the World enjoy the best of 365 days of Glory.

Zambia, Champions of Africa 2012

Adeola Aderounmu

I congratulate the Zambian National Football Team for their exploits in the 2012 African Cup of Nations. They beat Ivory Coast in the final game. After extra time, the game stood at 0-0.

Drogba missed a second half penalty that could have ended the game in normal time. He scored though in the shoot outs.

It was Kolo Toure and Gelvinho who threw away the 6th and 7th penalty. Zambia missed the the 6th but got the 7th in to clinch the title they well deserved.

Well done Zambians and thank you for the good game demolishing Ghana and then stopping Ivory Coast in the semi and final respectively.

Well done for the deserving tributes to the ’93 set that perished in the plane crash.

The Zambian coach has won my respect. He doesn’t wear unnecessary suits to match venues and that makes sense. Highly technical and gifted no doubts, he will win more awards in the future I am sure.

Zambia, once again, accept my congratulations. Enjoy every moment of it. You have now joined the leagues of champions.

One day I hope you will qualify for the world cup. It’s your next big challenge. All the best.

Nations Cup Final. Zambia: A New Shot At Glory

By Adeola Aderounmu

I remember in 1994 that Zambia played the Nations Cup Final against Nigeria. Nigeria won that final game thanks to the exploits of the likes of Emmanuel Amuneke and Sunday Oliseh. That year was the height of glory for Nigerian football at the senior level. Since then it has been a nose dive.

Zambians will take a new shot at glory. They have to overcome the elephants of Ivory Coast. It will not be an easy game. The likes of Didier Drogba and Kolo Toure are near the end of their international careers. This is probably their last chance to lift the most prestigious cup on the continent.

The two countries are seeking cup glory for the first time. When the tournament started book makers did not tip Zambia to be in the final. On paper therefore it will be easy to say that Ivory Coast will win on Sunday the 12th of February 2012.

But football is not won by bookmakers or by wishes. It has to be decided on the field of play, in 90 minutes.
A team appearing in the final has a 50% chance of winning the game. So Zambia has the same chance as the Ivorians. This is the beauty of football.

What is not beautiful with African football is the over-physical nature of the African footballers. They are too rough in many circumstances. They don’t play like that when they are back in Europe. In the Tunisia-Ghana match for example there should have been at least 4 red cards. But the referee was acting like a timid lamb.

In general the games are rough and untidy.

The games should not be rough or too physical because it is played on African soil.

It must also be pointed out that some players make the game ugly by their filming. Drogba was filming a lot in the game against Mali and the referee even became tired. The referee should have given Drogba a yellow card instead of waving play-on.

The attendances at the competition have been dismay. E-Guinea and Gabon have disappointed when it comes to the promotion of football. I don’t know why the turn outs have been poor especially after the host nations were bundled out but I do know that there are ways to ensure full capacity in competitions of this nature. CAF and FIFA should look into that for future competitions.

In any case kudos to the host nations and may the better side win come Sunday.

Good luck Zambia!