For every nation that is took a collective will. The collective will in nigeria is to remain stupid, corrupt and primitive.

Nigeria is like BABEL. People speak different languages and understand the same thing in different ways. Hence, the inability to advance since 1960.

In Nigeria, politics means the act of stealing and taking by force.

Nigeria remains the ONLY country in the world where votes are not counted in order to win elections. It is amazing the cost of conducting elections when the winners are already known or selected.

In Nigeria, you must be rich to be in an election race and your first assignment when you get into office is to collect back this money that you put into the race. It is a shame that it is what everybody including your family members expect of you as a politician. 

Military Men in Crash-Tragedy struck again!

Those who wear the shoes know where it pinches. Only the families and the loved ones of the Military personnels can expressed their devastations. But we mourn with them and may God be with the souls of the dead. Please can somebody remind Atiku and Obasanjo to sign their resignation letters. They represent the remnants of our memories of those destroying our country. Please go. May God punish those that are corrupt in Nigeria and may the hammer of EFCC fall upon them

Why Politicians Steal…

Dear all,

this was an article that I wrote a few years ago. In it, I had advocated that Nigeria needs an independent body to investigate corrupt politicians and public officials. In EFCC, something has been brought to live and Nigeria will never be the same again. It will be wonderful to see EFCC execute its duties without fear, favour, selectivity or favouritism. No one should be above the law. Let all the past leaders return all stolen monies that they cannot explain how they acquired. They should all be put on trial and thrown in jail if found guilty.

The cleansing of Nigeria must be total.

Click this link Full text of my article in the Guardian 4 years ago:

Ahead: 2007 Nigerian Elections

Welcome to my blog!

I recommend everyone to start their own blog and write on anything that they like. Has anyone been following the recent events in Nigeria? 

Right now, it is a big shame that the 2 big heads are shaking. It will be nice to see a stable body again when these heads start rolling. Atiku vs Baba, what a shame!

Regards, Aderinola

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