Freedom Day. We Will Get There..!

We will get there where all that matters is freedom and self-preservation.

We Will Get There..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

(Image is not mine)

I will always remember the early days of the Buhari-Osinbajo APC mandate when I was out also quite early to dicsuss and criticise the mandate. It started with wasting more than 6 months without having a cabinet. That was one of the early signals for me that the Buhari-Osinbajo mandate was heading in the wrong direction. To be sure, on March 16, 2016 I wrote APC Mandate, So Far, So Bad. On January 30, 2016 I wrote We Cannot Go On Like This and in December 29, 2015 I wrote Still Not Another Great Year. I am sure there were a few other articles I wrote to let us know that the Buhari-Osinbajo mandate is/was a disaster.

My blog is full of prophecies even though I make no claims to supernatutal powers. Imagine if half of the things on my blog have been suggested by Adeboye or Bakare, their followers and even the so-called pastors will not allow us to hear word. It would have been an endless journey from ”God spoke to me”, to ”God told me”.

Presently Kaduna State has joined the list of subdued state in the hands of the Fulani terrorists. It is not a shock if you have been following. It’s also like in the movies when a bad guy creates a monster or make another bad guy prosper. Who do you think turn around later to kill or destroy the first bad guy? Hell Rufai, the devilish governor of Kaduna State is a chief sponsor of Boko Haram. He was very prominent in the early days of Boko Haram helping them to do business across the borders. Of course, that Sheriff guy, the former governor of Borno was the main godfather of Boko Haram. Sheriff used Boko Haram to tame and oppress the opposition.

It is not a far-fetched coincidence that the first major terrorist train-bombing in Nigeria occurred in March 2022 in Kaduna. It was a sad day as innocent lives were lost and a certain number of people were abducted or kidnapped. By attacking Kaduna which many believed is the military backbone of Nigeria, the Buhari-Osinbajo APC mandate is giving more room to the terrorists who have already conquered substantial part of Northern Nigeria including parts of Borno and parts of Niger State. The terrorists are collecting taxes and running affairs in quite a number of areas.

Kaduna is interesting because Hell Rufai is from Kaduna state. He is one of the bad guys who contributed to the success of Boko Haram. There was even a broadcast of national television when the government of Nigeria paid massive funds directly to terrorists. The sum was given so that the terrorists can stop killing! Where in the world have terrorists been paid to stop killing? What has happened after then is the massive expansion and audacity of the terrorists of Northern Nigeria. They have used the money given to them to expand. They have used the billions of naira received as ransoms from individuals and government to become stronger. If you add this to the sponsorship from other individuals of interests from Northern Nigeria, you will realize that it is only a matter of time before Nigeria ends! We will get there!

We all remember and are still witnesses to the operations of the Nigerian army in Eastern Region of Nigeria. You should wonder: why are the Nigerian army aggressive in Eastern Nigeria but allowing the terrorists a free takeover of communities and local governments in the North? In Eastern Nigeria, young men and women are gunned down daily by the war-crime inclined Nigerian army. But in Northern Nigeria it is the terrorists dictating the war and pace. There is something the terror-inclined government of Nigeria is not telling us. How can Kaduna with all its military prowess be under fire from terrorists?

We will get there, where we ought to be. We will soon be activating our natural survival instincts in our various regions. The north has been overtaken by terrorists. There are politicians and people of other regions in Nigeria still shouting ONE NIGERIA. What if the terrorists cross the bridge and start to attack the east, west and south, will these politicians still be shouting ONE NIGERIA? Do we really know the real criminals perpetrating evil in the east and west of Nigeria? Who is sure it is not the terrorists already at our doorsteps?

We will get there, where we will start to attach and align ourselves to the freedom fighters trying to emancipate the Yoruba, the Igbo and the other nationalities in the south, east and west. The Northerners have succumbed to terrorism, they have accepted the killings, the genocide and the massacres in the north as the will of their creator and a way of life. This is the ultimate wish of one Buhari who vowed to spill our blood. He called us monkeys and baboons.  How many of us in the south are willing to become slaves in out regions, in the land that our forefathers fought to protect and handed over to us? How many of us are ready to be killed or sacrificed our loved ones to terrorists?

We will get there, where all that matters is freedom!

We will get there, where all that matters is self-preservation.

We will, in the name of our ancestors. Then, we will be free.

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