Old Video Re-Post: We Ignored Evidence of Buhari’s Mental Problem

In several posts, l have argued that there will not be a Nigerian revolution.

Nigeria is a fraud and the pieces of evidence stared at us in the face.

The presidential debate should not have ended without “arresting” Buhari and checking him into a mental institution.

Buhari should have been surrounded by mental health practitioners at the end of that debate when Osinbajo was trying to help him answer questions.

Amaechi and others were visibly embarassed by the poor mental alertness of Buhari.

It goes to say that if the Buhari in Aso rock is the same Buhari in this video or the same at the interview, then he is probably under a hostage situation.

So who is running Nigeria if this person is not normal since 2015 or earlier?


What is clear is that politicians are looting the treasury dry and carting away billions daily because this “Buhari” is dead mentally!

Who is in Aso rock?


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