Nigeria Government Orders 100 000 doses of Vaccine

Nigeria Government Orders 100 000 doses of Vaccine

Based on Channels TV SUNRISE PROGRAM featuring prof Tomori, Alero Roberts and Tunji Funsho

Indirect Reports By Adeola Aderounmu

It is not often I wake up on a Saturday morning to watch a Nigerian TV channel. I have high disappointment in the role of the Nigerian media in the persistent oppression of the masses by the criminals in various government houses across the country. Somehow, I got caught up with SUNRISE (9 jan 2021), a program on CHANNELS TV and I learnt a lot.

“An idiot is still an idiot”

“Whether you are prominent or not, if you an idiot, you are an idiot”

“They are idiots, they are not prominent”

-Professor Tomori, reacting to so called prominent Nigerians undermining the coronavirus and the vaccine in Nigeria.

For this essay I would explain what 3 prominent Nigerians discussed with the presenters via video conference. These prominent Nigerians are Professor Tomori, Alero Roberts and Tunji Funsho.

At the end of this essay their names will appear as references. The essay is a mixture of their points of views and my additions.

These are what they talked about.

The Nigerian government has ordered 100 000 doses of covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer. Professor Tomori said that would be enough for 50 000 people. So, if Nigeria is a country (?) with approximately 200 million people, that means that the 100 000 doses is probably going to be rationed to the politicians and their families. Tomori also mentioned the disadvantages of ordering vaccine from Pfizer as it requires very cold temperature of minus 70 for storage. Nigeria does not have the facility for such storage. In the words of Tomori, the Nigerian government is stupid! He wondered why the Nigerian government ordered vaccines from Pfizer. In his words, Nigeria prepared for yesterday today while the rest of the world prepared for their tomorrow yesterday.

Tunji Funsho said whilst vaccination is very important, the priority now should be how to actually curb the vaccine in the next 1 year. He spoke about the need for dedication on the part of the population. “We need basic protocol to curb the vaccine”. He meant that the people must observe practices that would bring a halt to the spread of the disease.

“Stupidity kills and unfortunately stupid people are still going to die”

Alero Roberts reacting to people neglecting recommendations to stay at home and avoid indoor assembly.

Tunji Funsho said Nigerians should wear mask. He condemns congregations in churches or mosques. As a matter of fact, Tomori, Roberts and Funsho all were critical of the roles of churches and mosques in the continuous spread of coronavirus in Nigeria. Tomori said God is everywhere and people should sit down at home.

Tunji Funsho

Tunji Funsho mentioned safe distancing even when we wear masks. He said that that the role of the government is minimal even though the government need to do more mobilization and he also emphasized the role of the media. I (Adeola) don’t know if I agree with him on the aspect of the role of the government. I think the government need to be more transparent on her dealings and to engage the people daily. In Sweden, the prime minister is drilled almost daily on issues concerning coronavirus and the health authorities organize daily media briefing during the weekdays. So, I think a Buhari in Aso rock should move his ass and address the press daily and he should answer critical questions about the safety of Nigerian lives.  

Professor Tomori dismissed as untrue or unfounded the insinuation that vaccination will reduce herd immunity in Nigeria. He said on the contrary that vaccination will increase the herd immunity.

In terms of maintaining protocols and following regulations, the three discussants were very stern with their words and warnings. Alero Roberts said:

“Stupidity kills and unfortunately stupid people are still going to die”

She said she has friends who travelled to some places and came back home with covid-19. She said some of them are now queuing up for medical attention. We should have considerations for medical workers by not exposing ourselves to the virus and by staying at home, she emphasized.  Alero Roberts said “We have a choice not to be an Obituary”

“You don’t need to go to church. You don’t need to go to the mosque. Stay at home. Keep away from indoor assembly,” she further emphasized.

While reacting to the video and messages by some prominent Nigerians urging Nigerians not to take the coronavirus vaccine, Professor Tomori said prominent or not,

“An idiot is still an idiot”

“Whether you are prominent or not, if you an idiot, you are an idiot”

“They are idiot, they are not prominent”

Professor Tomori would want Nigeria to emulate countries that have done well with the management of the coronavirus, for example New Zealand, Taiwan and Vietnam. He said the task force in Nigeria must begin to act proactively and focus on the people. He said the task force was not doing enough to dispel wrong insinuations.

Reacting to Ali Baba’s ordeal, the discussants agree that such ordeal should occupy frontline/frontpage news not just for a day or two but for a very long time to impress it on the people about the seriousness of the virus.

“How does it affect me that Buhari went to Daura” asked professor Tomori. He thought such news should not be the headline at a time when information about coronavirus should be a priority.

The three discussants cannot see Nigerians in general getting the vaccines until the end of the first quarter of 2021.


Professor Tomori

Alero Roberts

Tunji Funsho

Channels TV (SUNRISE)

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