The Kings Are Mad (Part 4)

The Kings Are Mad (Part 4)

The people of the land continue to suffer. They continue to groan in hardship. No land south of the Tropic suffer so badly. No land, south of the Equator knows a suffering so painful that it remain without full-blown war.


The King from the North stealing from the people, and this is not the first time. A Criminal is always a criminal

This land is special. In anticipation that one can become wealthy through one form of fraud or the other, majority of the people cling on to their religion while hoping that their prayers will help them succeed through their evil ways.

The reign of the King in the North continue. It is he who decides what will be taken from Abuja to everywhere else in the land. This King is not normal. He will never be a normal king because what he does are not correlated to what he says.

He said NO TO CORRUPTION but he is the head of the corruption ring. He has helped to steal monies especially in the oil industry. This is not the first time he would be in charge of stealing oil money. One of the greatest musicians to walk planet earth, a man called Fela sang about this King. He called him an animal.



Fela died a few years ago. He was a prophet who lived ahead and beyond his days on earth. Fela warned the people of the land about the criminals in uniform (khaki) but the people are deaf and cursed. Many of the people are unwise because hunger has disorientated them. They would rather beg than fight. The people who die on their knees than fight on their feet. They are cursed and they suffer. Their children too will suffer as they continue to leave their fate in the hands of criminals called elites of which the Kings scattered all over the land are permanent members.

The king in the North is supervising the worst reign ever seen south of the Equator and everything he says are not matched by action. He would even travel to Queensland when he got sick. Where should the ordinary people go when they are sick? If not madness, what is the definition of such a phenomenon? The kings are mad for they do care only about themselves.

The problems in this land are not only the problems caused by the different kings coming to Abuja to continue the deceit which has become the established tradition in this land.

Constantly there are demons possessing people in this land. Even the women are not left out. One woman, who was the wife of a former King from the south is so possessed she does not know the difference between night and day. When he drunkard husband was the king in Abuja, she stole so much money that she became almost mad. She even stole money on behalf of her dead mother. She is probably crazy too. Such people should have been tied and thrown to prison.


This land is full of mad people and the women are not left out. Why are they all free instead of serving prison terms or facing direct firing squads?

But in this land, criminals and thieves especially the ones who have become crazy are rewarded even by the people because the people no longer know the meaning of dignity. When the people of other countries where prosperity is even look at this land dominated by crazy kings, they laugh and wondered too about the prayers that the people pray.

There is another woman who is totally crazy. Her madness too cannot be cured and she left the country so that her madness will be hidden. When she was in charge of the oil industry having been out there as a prostitute, she stole all the monies that belong to the people. She went to Queensland and acquired properties. There is no doubt about her insanity. There is no doubt about the insanity of the Queen in Queensland for allowing such a woman with an unsual name and behaviour  to live and buy things in the UK. The Queen is mad too.


The face of a DEMON, One who steals so much money that she cannot spend all even if she becomes 2 million years old. Total madness and absurdity!!!

This land will not prosper until all the mad Kings and the mad women are made to pay for their crimes. For as long as the criminals are allowed to run things in the land, there will be no common prosperity for the people. Only the elites will enjoy. The people will live and die in poverty. There will be no two ways to prosperity. What is right must be done and what is wrong must be destroyed. No other way to glory for this land.

(To be continued….)

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