Don’t Try This In Nigeria, You May be killed!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Me, wearing camouflage shirt and shoe

Me, wearing camouflage shirt and shoe

If you dress like this in Nigeria, you are a dead meat!

This autumn Camouflage is back in trend globally. Military outfits will be worn by many people around the World.

In Nigeria you should never wear a military-styled outfit. You will suffer in the hands of the police or Soldiers if they find out that you are a civilian wearing military outfits. I can tell you that you may be killed in the process.

I know somehow who narrowly escaped when he was put in detention in Nigeria for wearing a military short. He was lucky and able to go ahead with his marriage ceremony. He travelled from Sweden to Nigeria and almost lost his life because he was wearing a camo-short.

Many Citizens of Nigeria have been tortured, suffered and humiliated because they wore camouflage outfits.

I don’t know why this is a deadly outfit in Nigeria.

It may not be unconnected to the criminal tendencies of the locals or robbers. I mean I can imagine that some idiots have pretended to the Soldiers and probably caused harm or problems in the past.

Or maybe the army in Nigeria is just paranoid.

Me and My friends, Me in Camouflage shirt

Whatever the reason the fact that you cannot wear a camouflage outfit even when it is in vogue means a lot. Nigeria is very uncivilised and backward in many things that are just basic.

It is a big shame. Serious one!

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