Mrs. Jonathan on the Rampage..

By Adeola Aderounmu

Mrs. Jonathan is the wife of Nigeria’s Ruler and on this date, she has more or less set Rivers State on fire.

The Governor of River State Mr. Amaechi is having some midunderstanding with Mr. Jonathan. It’s all about power drunkenness.

Mrs. Jonathan is fighting for her husband and trying to unseat Amaechi.

This is madness made in Nigeria.

River State is in disarray and a state of lawlessness has been unleashed.

I think the people of Rivers have a choice. It’s either they flush out Mrs. Jonathan out of the state or they flush out Amaechi. They cannot serve two masters or two monsters.

The more correct thing is to flush out that useless woman who cannot speak two lines of correct grammar.

Mrs. Jonathan is a disgrace to her family and her husband. She shows lack of home training.

Nonsense and ingredients!

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