Thieves on thieves, Ezekwesili, Yar Adua and Jonathan

By Adeola Aderounmu

The former minister of education Obiangeli Ezekwesili accused Yar Adua and Jonathan of squandering USD 67 billion in foreign reserves. Of course that is so true. In fact the amount may be a fraction of what Yar Adua and Jonathan stole or squandered.
The greater shame is that the stealing is on-going. It is not as if the looting stopped. Nigeria as a country is perpetually bleeding from stolen monies and treasuries being emptied by government and public officials and local and foreign contractors.

Now that the government of Jonathan has responded by telling us that Ezekwesili also looted or mismanaged N459 Billion when she was the Minister of education. That is also correct.
Like I have stated on my blog a thousand times, 99.9% of Nigerian politicians and public servants are looters and thieves.
The process of prosecution is either slow or non-existent at every given point in time. The primary aim of Nigerian politics is for looting. This will continue for eternity as long as the people remain disconnected from governance and as long as the unitary system of government that permits it remains.
Looting and stealing will remain the primary aim of Nigerian politics as long as people get away with looted funds as we have seen since 1960.
Nigerian politics is the greatest hidden tragedy on the face of earth.
There is no end because everybody in politics is corrupt. Even those who appear to be working hard are looting and that is well known.
So yea, Yar Adua and Jonathan looted the reserves. Ezekwesili looted the Ministry of Education. Others are looting wherever they find themselves.
This is Nigeria and it is allowed to be corrupt and above the law. Ask the Babangidas, the Obasanjos and the rest who have bleeded Nigeria and Nigerians.
This is how they do it in Nigeria! So please go to hell!

One thought on “Thieves on thieves, Ezekwesili, Yar Adua and Jonathan

  1. For a young person with an opinion, I find it disturbing how without analytical rigour you can so quickly form your judgement, Adeola. It will mar your ability to become a profound though leader if you stayed with such andecdotal approach to policy commentaries. My dear, all you needed to do was fully walk back on national budgets for the education sector and how the National Assembly directly allocates to the 22 parastatals in education and the 79 universities , polythectnics and colleges of education owned by the Federal Government. Just such basic analysis will reveal to you the grand falsehood of the scum from FGN spokesmen that you have used your blog to actually propagate with very misguided moral indignation. May God help you my dear young one. Just so you know, not everyone who went into public office was ready to be a vulture. It is only vultures that eat that which is rotten. Corrupt wealth is carcass. It is rotten. Never was and never will be for me. If it pays you to tag me without evidence other than lazy hack comments, then continue…… Blessings.


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