Connecticut school shooting: Between the constitution and common sense

By Adeola Aderounmu

Americans continue to pay with the blood of the innocent and ordinary people. The saddest part is when children are murdered.

It is unimaginable how the constitution remains supreme in the face of reality that can be dictated by common sense.

It is not working when the second amendment or the constitution says that people have the right to carry arms for their protection.

There will be no need for that if nobody is allowed to carried gun and no one is being protected from mad people with guns.

You can’t start telling teachers and children 4-10 years to start carrying guns to defend themselves. Your constitution says that but common sense states otherwise.

Leave the guns in the hands of law enforcers who have been trained for that.

Take the guns away from everybody with very few exceptions. There are people living in the bush who are hunters.

There was an insane man who shot people at the Batman premier and now children have been killed by another crazy person because that is what the constitution states.

Common! When are you going to be tired of listening to emotional speeches from your presidents? Is that the reprieve your desire?

I think a society free from guns is the long lasting solution to these regular shootings in America.

Of course crimes will be committed with guns but the road to a more secure society and a safer country for Americans will definitely be to do away with the sentimental attachments to the constitution.

It is time to do some things with common sense

One thought on “Connecticut school shooting: Between the constitution and common sense

  1. When it comes to personal gain and entrenchment in office, politicians are all the same world wide. How would the American parliarmetarians clean up their cities that are becoming notorious for gun torting mad dogs, who are targatting innocent and harpless school children on almost daily basis, when they are beneficiaries of the largesses from the powerful satanic evil syndicate called National Rifle Association.
    I can bet you that any one of them that dares to stand up against these horrible power brokers, who are responsible for the distribution of the death toys presently ravaging the American society, and gradually turning the American child into an intimidated personality, such would risk loosing funding and support of the mafia in their next political campaign and you can be sure, of what that means to a desperate politician.
    For now lets keep our fingers crossed and watch the turn of events, because not even the president can stop them, that would be a very tall order. God save American children.


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