My Arguments About Nigeria Being the Most Corrupt Country in the World


Nigerians don’t like the truth about their country.

I have written and argued several times that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. That is a stance I am not ready to shift away from.

Not when Mohammed Bello Adoke, the dumb Justice Minister, said that it was okay and fine to steal, loot and run the country down. Not in those words but by implications.

There has been a probe and many companies and individuals have been indicted for looting the oil resources of the country and stealing massive amount of cash running into billions of dollars.

Mohammed Bello Adoke, shocked Nigerians (not me) when he said there will be no prosecution for those implicated. Therefore it is ok to steal, loot and enrich yourself in Nigeria just as Jonathan and his cronies have been doing for years.

I still cannot believe that Mrs. Sirleaf Jonathan wrote that rubbish about Jonathan in the TIME MAGAZINE. She must be a crook herself, having sponsored Charles Taylor at some point in time.

It’s just sad that some people will defend Nigeria no matter what.
That is why this type of nonsense will continue.

In a normal situation, as I have also argued many times, Goodluck Jonathan should be cooling off in detention as well. All these people are thieves and looters and they are not hiding it.

There are many corrupt countries and governments all over the world. Many try to hide their corruption and many are exposed.

In Nigeria corruption is not hidden. It is a way of life. In fact the anomaly is not to be corrupt. Otherwise how do you cope with
18 000 as minimum wage? Some do. But many find short cuts and it is ok to do so.

Jonathan is leading a pack that will go down in history as the most corrupt collection ever seen on the face of earth. Nigerian government is so corrupt I can say it is full of shit! It stinks to the highest clouds.

In my opinion Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world because despite that fact that we know that we are ruled by corrupt people we do nothing to stop them. We have come to accept that you need to “chop your own” in Nigeria.

In Nigeria everything and anything goes, that is why fools are in power.

4 thoughts on “My Arguments About Nigeria Being the Most Corrupt Country in the World

  1. Of course i agree with you. Nigeria is a corrupt country. There is no need denying it. We are getting more and more corrupt everyday because nobody is punished for anything in nigeria. It would seem that nigeria is the most lawless country on earth.


  2. Quite ninteresting argument ,well thought,nice piece of work.
    Nigeria can’t be second if truly you know the level of corruption going on at ll sectors of the economy in Nigeria


  3. I total agree with u it is strange to see anyone in govt not corrupt that was why this NAFDAC lady was so celebrated by the people.For me it is only the grace of God that is keeping this nation together despite all the destruction it has been subjected to.I hope a generation will arise that will put an end to it but what we trully need is a cleansing like that done in Ghana


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