Ghana As The True Rising Giant Of Africa

Adeola Aderounmu

Ghana’s GDP has been reviewed upward (USD 31.5) representing a growth of 75%.

What is interesting is that the new figure reflected the contributions of both the service and agricultural sectors.

The Ghanaian government is looking into other areas of her economy where changes and development can be made.
Ghana recently started extracting oil. Ghana is preparing for a future full of hopes and abundant blessings. Three generations from now, the children of Ghana will be living the dreams of their fathers and mothers. What a beautiful people and country!

This means that Ghana is probably the real and true giant of Africa.

Democracy is working in Ghana. In Ghana there is a sense of collective nationalism and citizen responsibility. Ghanaians are building Ghana and making it not only the envy of West Africa but the continent as a whole.

In the 1980s the Nigerian Government chased the Ghanaian community out of Nigeria. The infamous “Ghana Must Go” was xenophobia of the highest order in which Nigerians falsely ascribed their economic misfortunes and rising unemployment rate to the presence of Ghanaians in Nigeria. It was a detestable political move.

Nigerians have no shame at all. Today a few decades after Ghanaians left Nigeria, Nigerians are now the ones hustling in Ghana. For several reasons majority of Nigerians have chosen Ghana as their favourite spot in Africa. Others prefer the so called SA.

There are thousands of Nigerian students in Ghanaian Universities not for exchange reasons but because the useless successive, corrupt governments in Nigeria have done almost nothing to improve education. Many Nigerian politicians send their children to school in Europe and America. Ghana has also been added to the fanciful list of options. They destroyed the system in Nigeria and send their children and families abroad to school.

Nigerians have also chosen Ghana as the hotspot for honeymoon. Several other Nigerians visit Ghana as part of their annual holidays. Nigerians are among the largest number of tourists in Ghana. We chased them out of Nigeria and now we are going to their country to admire them. What a failed country, Nigeria!

Nigerians should thank Ghana and Ghanaians for not being hostile. Ghanaians are not xenophobic like Nigerians. They welcome us while not even referring to how we humiliated them out of Nigeria in 1983. Ghanaians have a forgiving spirit which typical Nigerians lacks. The racism/tribalism Nigerians faced in Nigeria is worse than what they face in Europe and America. This is probably why some Nigerians living in Europe and America also find it more convenient to return to Ghana for holidays as well.

Nigerian businessmen are finding Ghana a more comfortable environment to do businesses. Electricity and other infrastructure are much better in Ghana. But not all Nigerians are doing clean businesses in Ghana. I have read and seen images of Nigerian fraudsters (419 guys) arrested in Ghana.

There is a near complete absence of electricity in Nigeria. The monies budgeted for electricity in Nigeria was stolen by all the government officials in Nigeria and individuals lIke Obasanjo and Abdulsalami are involved. They awarded themselves contract for electricity even though they knew they have no idea what electricity is or how it is produced, managed and distributed. But they are free men and mentors to late Yar Adua and Jonathan. Nigeria is ruled by crooks and thieves and so no real progress is seen nationally in the areas of infrastructure and basic amenities.

It is only in Nigeria that contracts for roads maintenance and repair are given to traditional rulers! In fact it doesn’t matter who gets the contract for Benin-Ore Road for example, the point is that the road is never repaired. Everyone who gets the contract just pocketed the money. Nigerians are dying in vain and hoping in extreme vain as all.

Ghana has her difficulties and like the rest of Africa remains a dumping ground for dangerous electronic items. There are potential dangers because the poor and the desperate are exposed to the harmful components in these electronic wastes. But the government of Ghana is responsible and well aware of the problems. There is a plan and a system that is working towards genuine eradication of poverty in Ghana.

In Nigeria the country is in the hands of gangsters largely aided by an irresponsible followership. In Nigeria the people do not understand the meaning of failure and they do not know what the essence of life is all about, therefore a corrupt party can produce any kind of candidate and still win a majority votes in elections that are usually rigged or manipulated.

The sense of nationalism and collective responsibility is reflected in all aspect of the Ghanaian life. The most obvious is in the area of sport. Ghana is now the most famous sporting nation in Africa courtesy of her exploits in football in South Africa in 2010.

Generally Ghanaians have shown that where there is a will, there is a way. Ghana has shown Africa that democracy can work and that there are dividends of democracy. In Ghana a few people are not looting to the detriment of the population like the way the PDP is championing looting in Nigeria. There is accountability and probity in the government of Ghana.

Ghanaians that have been abroad have been able to help transform Ghana right from the community level to the federal level. They have introduced some systems in Ghana that are adopted from the Swedish communal system. It is working and progress is being achieved.

Many Nigerians abroad are not suggesting how Nigeria can be improved; they are collecting bribes and stolen monies to support useless political parties and candidates.

Nigerian politicians and rulers only go abroad, open their mouths, admire structures, buildings, take tourist photos and return home to boast of their exploits. They have no sense of direction that they need to improve Nigeria to the level that they see and enjoy when they visit abroad. In several cases of stupidity they bring raw cash and buy properties abroad. Some individuals buy properties that could have been used to provide housing for an entire state in Nigeria. This is how stupid, senseless and idiotic some Nigerians are. Yet they have admirers and followers.

In recent time when Nigeria gave orders that Ivory Coast should be invaded, following as a puppet in the order of Sarkozy and Quattara, Ghana stood back as the father of Africa and opposed the invasion. War Crimes have been committed in Ivory Coast in the name of the United Nation, Nigeria and France. It took Ghanaians to bring the images of massacre to the world through a well-documented and organized protest.

Ghana knows what the future is all about and as a country she is preparing for it. Ghana since the days of Rawlings has never acted for the moment. Rawlings and Kuffour never acted for the moment. They love their country and acted for the future. This is what all Ghanaians are doing. A leader showed the way and they have never looked back since. They are imbibing the spirit of Nkrumah, one of Africa’s best known nationalists.

If Nigerians can look beyond the moment and make their institutions work, one day they will know that as far as this world is concern Nigeria is nowhere to the found on the map of nations/country with sense and purpose. We conduct questionable elections like they were done more than 2000 years ago. We vote or support a 12-year old failed party and we think it’s ok! We celebrate corruption and ill-gotten wealth in the name of God. Our institutions are dead and quality public education is totally absent. I can count in a thousand ways why Ghana, rather than Nigeria is the giant of Africa.

May the spirit of Ghana fill the whole of Africa.

25 thoughts on “Ghana As The True Rising Giant Of Africa

  1. ghana koh,ghana nih….d 3 main giants in africa are-nigeria,south africa and egypt. ghana is stil strugglin,it wasnt quite long that 3 nigerian students emerged d bst law students in d whole of africa….NIGERIA stil remains on top,notin personal.


  2. despite what’s goln on in nigeria, we still remaind d gaint of africa.pls those in position help build a better society in nigeria.OUR ECONOMIC STANDARD OF LIVING. per capital


  3. I think you have some good points & this is your blog and not a journalistic piece, but this article was too simplistic. See, if Ghana alone was this rising giant of Africa as you speak, then there would be no need for a monetary zone now, would there? Did you know that Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Gambia, etc are forming a monetary zone & intend to share the same currency and central bank a la the EU? Did you know that Ghana recently redenominated its currency because the old one was losing so much value? Do you know what redenomination does for investor confidence especially in a developing country on the African continent?
    Yes, Ghana’s making big moves…as a West African, I want that badly. But to make a sweeping generalization that Ghana is supplanting Nigeria as the next regional hegemon? Lai lai. So what, they have oil? We have oil and natural gas reserves. So their democracy’s working? Ours is too. We have a population and productivity level that surpasses theirs; more natural resources than they do; and consistently higher levels of GDP growth rate. Nigeria’s leadership status might be rivaled by Ghana, but we will not be overtaken any time soon.


  4. We nigerians must be proud of who we are every nigerian withness these that their are many ghanians here in our street down to Abeokuta south western part and other cities in nigeria here selling pufpuf and other things in our street should it be so? This same people can also see that nigeria is having a new look we are growing i prefer ghanian them selve to claim rival not a nigerian like us i love my country.


  5. What exactly makes Nigeria any kind of giant?? More like a giant dump, complete waste of space on the African continent, what evidence supports this claim that so many egocentric nigerians love proclaiming?? Nigeria is seen as a complete liability to people in Europe, America, Japan..etc Not being biased but there’s a reason why the President of the United States visited Ghana instead of the latter. Try cleaning up that mess of a country rather than boasting about being some so called giant with absolutely no evidence to prove it!


  6. I see your post rather one sided.why did you not include that 100 000 Nigerians were chased out of Ghana in the 1960’s and that there are still Ghanians leaving in Nigeria.You sound like a Nigerian and a frustrated one.Instead of causing more damage to the already damaged image of Nigeria, use your opportunity to give her a good name.If you know so much about Ghanians you should know that hardly will you see a Ghanian who will criticize Ghana on the net the way you have done to your are complaining that the leaders are not doing what they see when they go outside the country.ARE YOU? In Ghana the people rule and not the government.In Nigeria it is the direct opposite the government said it yourself that Ghanians that have been abroad have helped tot transform their economy.Why don’t you do the same.If you are talking about hostility,come to Ghana and see how hostile they are here to Nigerians because of people like you who keep spreading this sort of message about Nigeria. I am a Nigerian and i know the system is not the best at all.things are so bad in Nigeria yes but if you cannot do anything about don’t spoil it even more. I quote ‘In Nigeria the country is in the hands of gangsters largely aided by an irresponsible followership” you are also a part of that group of followers. I don’t know if you have ever been to Ghana.if you have then you probably visited the good places. take your time to tour Kaneshie, Nima and so many other places in Ghana and you will know that there is no difference at all.except for light ,good governance and peace.which is what we lack in Nigeria. I f you say Nigerians have not noticed the failing system, why are they leaving to Ghana. True we are not Giant of Africa, but we are not doing so is jt that we are not where we should be with all the resources we have . With this bad publicity ,Nigeria will never get anywhere.Talking about the Obama visit. Why was it when they found oil he came to Ghana?Obama came here for a purpose and the meeting he had with their present was behind closed doors and they know what they discussed. take your time to find a better way to help your country, and not through Bad publicity.


  7. You Ghanaian do not know how to talk how can you bring down a country just to make your’s sound good for whatever reason. I am also sure this so called nigeria has also been of help even though they chase you guys out


  8. at least they did that for a major reason unemployment. Nigeria is versatile they have so many people coming and going out of the country for business sake. In fact, i am disappointed in you guys maybe that’s why you joined Nigerians in the movie industry, so you can manage to stand and then still our glory. Nigerians are all round don’t bring them down to exonerate your country.


  9. At least they did that for a major reason unemployment, Ghanaian started this when they chased Nigerians out in 1960 or so. Nigeria is versatile they have so many people coming and going out of the country for business sake. In fact, i am disappointed in you guys maybe that’s why you joined Nigerians in the movie industry, so you can manage to stand and then still our glory. Nigerians are all round don’t bring them down to exonerate your country.


  10. If not for Nigerian Government, who is Ghanaian to be backbiting Nigerian. They never have no good soul about Nigeria, EVEN WORSE THAT TERMITES.
    In any blog relating to Ghana and Nigeria, watch their tones of script, very racist. Nigeria and Ghana should be best friend but they are just haters. Anytime a discussion is being launched- next thing is Scam, dubious, poor country, currency issues they called themselves giant of Africa. When you talk about Nollywood, its just a rivalry thing, condemning Nollywood (go around and read their mind, very dark.)
    Nigerian govt has pushed its citizen too afar, or else, what will be reason Nigerians be doing holidaying in Ghana or schooling there.
    How can we compare Nigeria even with Ghana? Nigeria still have many goods to show as a good nation. Ghana has has improved a lot.

    Nigeria has many large cities, (from Rivers to Maiduguri) diverse Tribes, Nigeria succeeded to build many cities and Schools, lots more, spare me details, sectors has been poorly managed,
    Nigerians commends the great job of your Rulers for making you PROUD. I feels and hope that our Govt are feeling bad now for disappointing its people and taking your small nation as a good example.
    Read through Nigerians mind, they are not so conservative, unflexible and don’t go about criticizing others or comparing with others. Nigerians welcomes argument and, they submit to their negative areas.

    Its very clear, GHANAIANS HATE NIGERIAN, is witting everywhere on the net and your FACES.

    We do not share the same mind,, we are always hoping for tomorrow. OUR TIME WILL COME
    Large Ghanaians, Senegalis, Liberian, Republic of Benin, Togo etc. are in our community, no one sees who. They relate normally, not on that pressure that your country is bad or any comparison.
    Our prayer is just to see many African nations climb up the ladder, this will of course make any African people be generally proud to be one
    Despite all the names to us!!, we love our place and the mighty will rise again.
    Hopefully Nigeria will be good again and the influx to you will stop.
    We love people of Ghana same way we love our African brodas.
    Because Nigeria’s image has gone down because of a group of people does not mean, the entire people of our great nation are going down with it.


  11. i love my country nigeria no matter what. it is free and there is a lot that one can do here. just keep thinking positive. i wouldn’t want to be anywhere or any other place other than Nigeria. you might be thinking that i am so rich that is why am saying this but am not just one of those average earning person but i still love this county. no matter what we are always one


  12. despite d fact dat nigerians govt did not remove d fuel subsidy 9ja z stil movin 4ward,lets 4get abt d embezzlement of our moni 9ja z stil d giant of africa


  13. See this little country called Ghana. We feed them with virtually everything; from our natural reserve to movie. Why would you not have the nerve to talk?


  14. This is a very good article. Nigeria is now a land of shame, many of the country people are ashame to mention their country’s name to other people. How are the mighty fallen…O giant of Africa He that was a terror to its neighbourin lands how foolish is thy insight thou has fallen in vain with out an attempt to defend d truth. The present politicians are filled with fanciful tomfollery and they ar obdurate to their own obliguy. Nigeria the greatest among the great how is our fathers labour vanishing but in vain. I pray a group of fearless and full of insight politicians will emarnge and take over political power in the country. As for now i have nothing to be proud of Nigeria for. We are celebrating independence when we are still a full time slave….hw ar d mighty fallen and d labour of fathers fading away.


  15. I belive in change Nigeria is bad but nt all that are in the country ar bad. But i use this medium to beg our leaders to do some thing so that little countrys like ghana cant supress us and belittle us. Ghana cant be use to compare nigeria for they are still a child i beg every one of u to look into the maters arising in our country and come out with a possetive respond. We have fallen but we have risen. We agree that we have failed but we knw that failure is a stepin stone to success. Let use rise and constest with world powers like Germany, France, Usa, Italy, Britian and Isreal. For i know our best is yet to come. Up Nigeria. South africa is a baby nation to Nigeria despite their infastructure, Ghana is too small but they have a good development which i will say kudus to them, for their govt are tryin. In all, Nigeria is d greatest and we are goin to show workin long live Nigeria long live its goverment system long live its politicians and long live its cetizen.


  16. Truly,Ghana can be seen as spirit nation which can urge the rest of Africa as a whole, especially, the most rated corrupted and terriorised country,incorporation with so-called fool self-centred leaders, the product of looting multivarious parties under platform of tyrannical Godfatherism of hopeless nation nigeria.And also,declining other Africa nations, that have not once to think of the growth, development,and upliftment,about taken Great Africa continent to the apex of the ladder,in order to meet the rest of world(the advanced nations) at large. Africa land that filled with resources and honey which has being jeopardized by African leaders which has rigor in the political and economic structure as a result of detriment to the present and coming generation.


  17. 16- albert mary. MORE GREESE TO which ELBOW?
    let us speak the truth: ghana is GREATER than nigeria.meanwhile i have helped relocate 90% of my
    friends and family to ghana .and i will preceed with a few more unless sumtin is dan abt our failed nation. GHANA,ALL THE WAY


  18. Politics econ are no doubt d one of d yardstick for d above mentioned! Despite d problm of corruptn leadership problm nigeria stil occupy a pride of place not only in w/africa but africa and beyond! Ghana is stil at crawlng and permature stage for nw! De gospel truth is dat 1nigeria national is equal to 5 ghanian who ar lazy!! Even in der country we stil gv dem food!! As long as nigeria is involv ghana is stil “a learner when it d above”


  19. Ogbeni shut ur trap! Ghana is no heaven. Giant of Africa my ass.. Who doesn’t know that grass is always greener yonder? Go & live in Ghana for just one year & let’s see if u won’t come back with a different confession! I recently stumbled on a facebook page .You needed to see how a lot of Ghanaians were raining abuses on their leaders & regretting being from that country. While I’m not denying the fact that Nigeria has failed in so many areas, I refuse to allow you mislead Nigerians into believing that Ghana is one paradise on earth!


  20. Every year 75000 nigerians complete 1 university in Ghana. So can u imagine how many Nigerians complete in Ghana. Plus the number of immigrants.


  21. Ghana is now producing more electricity than her citizens can consume. My views remain the same. Ghana is better than Nigeria and Ghana is the giant of Africa. Keep suffering and smiling in Nigeria..!


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