Nigeria’s Political Prostitutes

By Adeola Aderounmu

We now need a Political-GPS (P-GPS) to keep track of the political parties that Nigeria’s political prostitutes belong to. Does anyone know which political party Atiku belongs to today? The guy has made a full cycle. In an article I wrote in Jan 2008 I have concluded that Atiku’s political fate will continue to swing.

Nigerian political prostitutes are usually those who are desperate for political offices and positions. They belong to any type of political party not because of any ideology but because of what they stand to gain from belonging to the party.

Indeed virtually all prominent Nigerian politicians are in for what they will gain. Since 1999 when civilian regime returned to Nigeria, the politicians have continued to scoop, loot and empty the treasury nationwide. Nothing has changed and nothing seemed to be set for a change.

From Obasanjo to Yar Adua to Jonathan the political game is pitched on money-especially raw cash, winners take all mentality and do-or-die attitude.

It is hard to point to a man who has an ideological stance in the Nigerian political terrain. Does anyone even know the manifestoes or the ideology of any of the Nigerian political parties? When was the last time we had a debate of ideas in Nigeria?

It is certain that the forth coming elections will be based on the traditional cash-and-carry ideology where the party with the most money will buy votes by fire-by force.

A new class of disgruntled and sad politicians has emerged after the party primaries of the different political organizations.

Atiku leads the pack. He has changed political parties more than anyone in the last 10 years. The shame of that form of prostitution is not allowing him to make a new move yet. His efforts are now directed towards pulling down Jonathan. In fact, I hope he succeeds. Something or someone must pull down the PDP.

This evil party has destroyed and impoverished Nigerians since 1999. I’m still amazed that the evil PDP is still on the rampage when it should have been consumed by public rage far greater than what we now see in Tunisia and Egypt.

I mean these North Africans have better living conditions compared to most parts of sub-Saharan Africa. It’s like some races are used to suffering and smiling (and stupidly happy about it).

There has been no official denial from the PDP that money in form of raw dollars played a critical role in the selection of Jonathan as its flag bearer. So we take it as a known and open truth that millions or billions of dollars gave the candidacy to Jonathan.

What has now shocked me is when Harry Akande dumped the ANPP to join the PDP.

You see, Nigerian politicians are fraudsters. They won’t disappoint your low expectations. They are liars and blood suckers. Collectively their actions, attitudes and mentalities call for serious diagnoses. People have right of freedom and association. However they must try as much as possible not to infringe on the general intellectuality of the electorates or the rest of us.

By saying that he joined a party of like minds, Harry Akande who may have been behind the scene all these times, has now officially put himself in the ranks of men who destroyed Nigeria and made poverty a way of life for the common people. He should also stop the lie about moving Nigeria forward by joining the PDP.

PDP, move Nigeria where?

Why not say I am joining the PDP so that I can reap from the national treasury all the failed investments in the ANPP since 1998.

If he wants to boast of his billions and that he has no need to join the PDP for monetary gain or some potential ministerial position, then he could have stayed without a political party, at least until the forth coming charade has passed. There are better ways to show principles and advocacy of the Common Good.

ANPP may have its own rank of dictators and power brokers who have given the party’s flag bearer role to one Shekarau from Kano.

Cross carpeting does not remove the need for internal party re-organisation. Every political party in Nigeria owes itself the task of building strong democratic foundations. What has Akande been doing in the ANPP since 1998? Why has the party failed to have a structure that will ensure transparency and orderliness when it comes to electing the party’s presidential flag bearer?

There is no single manual that will be available to show how the problems plaguing Nigerian politics can be resolved.

What we must do, those of us who are either keen observers of our political space or even those who siddon-look, is to continue to remind ourselves of our collective failures and to emphasize a need to political reawakening.

Today’s politics in Nigeria is absolute rubbish. Baba n’la nonsense.

People who claim to belong to one political party or the other especially basket mouths who call themselves stakeholders should sit down and address the dynamics of their various political gangster groups with a view to making them real political parties.

And where do we begin to address the issue of followership that affects me and you reading this essay? My brother, my sister, we have a long way to go o jaare..! Some people don give up when the matter concern Nigeria. So them just dey follow follow to anywhere, waiting for their own turn to chop something out of Nigeria.

But we can stop the waiting game if we use the Egyptian or Tunisian approach.

We are Nigerians, we are special. You and I are waiting for God.

Those who cross the carpets and those who tanda gidagba know what is waiting for them. Those who looted as governors, senators, lawmakers and even as special assistants know what is waiting for them. It is elevation to the next level of looting, stealing, impunity and lawlessness.

This year 2011 our political prostitutes and the permanent custodians of stolen mandates in Aso Rock, Abuja, and everywhere in Nigeria will execute their agenda as usual. When the votes have been cast and stolen, they will continue to share the loot and we will keep waiting for manna from heaven.

This is Nigeria, a peculiar country. One day our collective mumuism will end. It will not be by prayers or votes but by actions. I am sure.

One thought on “Nigeria’s Political Prostitutes

  1. I consider these thieves as political marketers who go about selling their selfish ambition, ATIKU, HARRY AKANDE etc seem only to depend on gains rather than setting out a platform that will assist the under development in the nigerian economy, we should always rise against such people whenever the opportunity calls for.


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